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Digital Atlas of Idaho

Idaho's History Online

A joint undertaking by the Museum and Idaho State University

Trout in the Classroom

The purpose of Trout in the Classroom is to raise awareness about Idaho’s aquatic resources by providing hands-on learning opportunities for Idaho students. Trout in the Classroom encourages students to actively participate in the learning process. By observing and caring for trout, students gain an understanding and appreciation of a trout’s life cycle and habitat requirements.

Buzzsaw Hat

Look for a fun art activity? The Buzzsaw Shark Hat by Ray Troll will fulfill your art activity! 

Idaho Virtual Museum 

A full open-access to 3D models and images of our treasures. We have a wide range of fossils, bones and cultural artifacts from our museum and other institutions across North America. Come back often to see new material as we continue to scan and upload models! Or Idaho Virtualization Laboratory Sketchfab with over 1300 3D models scanned and rendered by the Idaho Virtualization Lab.

The half-hour program features Peter Pruett, Zoo Idaho Superintendent, and Dr. Leif Tapanila, Director of the Idaho Museum of Natural History, highlighting how the Gem State’s wild places have shaped Idaho’s past, present and future. The show features regular segments on nature news and a fun fact.

Treasuring Our Natural Heritage

Biological Diversity is essential to the health and stability of the natural systems that support human life. That powerful message animates the three-part series Treasuring Our Natural Heritage, which explores the importance of biodiversity in today’s world.