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The Idaho Museum of Natural History Collections Division is grateful when an individual or organization considers donating their specimens or artifacts to our institution. Careful consideration goes into the decision of whether an object is best placed here or if it would be better suited at another institution. Objects or specimens should fit within the research scope and mission statement of the museum. At a minimum, specimens and artifacts must be legally acquired and have the appropriate documentation, which may include copies of permits when required for legal collection. Collection staff will not accept objects left at the Museum unless prior arrangements have been made.

Collections staff may be willing to identify objects if time and expertise allow. However, museums are legally and ethically prohibited from providing monetary estimates of the values of objects or specimens. A donor seeking an appraisal needs to seek the services of an accredited appraiser.

  • If you have questions about donating an object, please contact the Museum's registrar.
  • If you have a question about a specimen or an artifact, please contact the manager of that collection.

Earth Sciences or email peecbran@isu.edu

Life Sciences or email tristacrook@isu.edu

Anthropology or email tewsamb2@isu.edu