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General Education Assessment

Approved by GERC on April 12, 2015; accepted by UCC, and by Academic Affairs on April 26, 2015;

Updated by GERC on May 1, 2018

Gen Ed Course Assessment Process Flowchart

PLEASE NOTE:  Annual assessment reporting has been suspended until Fall 2022.  The first 5-Year Reporting Cycle is completed; the reporting survey will be revised during Summer 2022 and the second Reporting Cycle will commence Fall 2022, starting with 2021-22 Reporting Period.

Introduction and Goals

The Uses of Assessment Results

Departmental Obligations

Departmental Obligations: 1. Create Plans

Departmental Obligations: 2. Execute Plans

Departmental Obligations: 3. Annual Course Reports

Departmental Obligations: 4. Five-Year Reports

Departmental Obligations: 5. Objective Review

Obligations of GERC and Objective Review Committees (ORCs)

GERC Obligations:

Objective Review Committee Obligations:

Objective Review Schedule