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General Education Course Assessment

Approved Gen Ed Assessment Plans

All general education assessment plans approved by the General Education Requirements Committee (GERC) are listed below by Gen Ed Objective. The links will open a Google Doc in a new window.  Viewing access is restricted to ISU users. 

To Update Assessment Plans:

Each plan’s author(s), department chair, and GERC members have Commenting access to revise and update the plan as needed, and to post comments, suggestions, or explanations.  Please notify GERC ( when the plan is modified.  Substantive changes require review and approval by GERC.  For examples of substantive changes, see Frequently Asked Questions on GERC's homepage.

Objective 1: Written Communication

Objective 2: Oral Communication

Objective 3: Mathematical Ways of Knowing

Objective 4: Humanistic & Artistic Ways of Knowing

Objective 5: Scientific Ways of Knowing

Objective 6: Social & Behavioral Ways of Knowing

Objective 7: Critical Thinking

Objective 8: Information Literacy

Objective 9: Cultural Diversity