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General Education Course Assessment

Approved Gen Ed Assessment Plans

All general education assessment plans approved by the General Education Requirements Committee (GERC) are listed below by Gen Ed Objective. The links will open a Google Doc in a new window.  Viewing access is restricted to ISU users. 

To Update Assessment Plans:

Each plan’s author(s), department chair, and GERC members have Commenting access to revise and update the plan as needed, and to post comments, suggestions, or explanations.  Please notify GERC (gercmail@isu.edu) when the plan is modified.  Substantive changes require review and approval by GERC.  For examples of substantive changes, see Frequently Asked Questions on GERC's homepage.

  • COMM 1101 Fundamentals of Oral Communication

  • EDMT 2270 Teaching K-8 Mathematics I
  • EDMT 2271 Teaching K-8 Mathematics II
  • MATH 1123, 1127, 1130, 1153, 1160, 1170, 2256, 2257 Mathematics in Modern Society; The Language of Mathematics; Finite Mathematics; Statistical Reasoning; Survey of Calculus; Calculus I; Structure of Arithmetic for Elementary School Teachers; Structure of Geometry and Probability for Elementary School Teachers
  • MATH 1143 Pre-Calculus I: Algebra
  • MATH 1147 Precalculus
  • MGT 2216 Business Statistics
  • RCET 1372 Calculus for Electronics
  • TGE 1140 Survey of Applied Mathematics


Fine Arts

Foreign Languages


  • ANTH 2237 Peoples & Cultures of the Old World
  • ANTH 2238 Peoples & Cultures of the New World
  • ANTH 2239 Latino Peoples & Cultures
  • ANTH/HIST 2258 Native American History
  • CE/ME 1150 Engineering Marvels and Civilizations - plan forthcoming
  • CSD 2210 Human Communication, Differences, and Disorders thru Literature & Media
  • CSD 2256 Deaf Culture and Community
  • EDUC 2204 Families Community Culture
  • ENGL 2210, ENGL/ANTH 2212 American Cultural Studies; Introduction to Folklore & Oral Tradition
  • GLBL 2202 The World Today: Introduction to Global Issues
  • GLBL 2207 Contemporary European Culture
  • GLBL 2208 Cultures of the Spanish Speaking World
  • GLBL 2209 Cultures of East Asia
  • GLBL 2270 World Regional Geography and Cultures
  • HCA 1115 Global Health Systems - plan forthcoming
  • HIST 2201, 2251, 2252, 2254, 2255 Women in U.S. History; Latin American History & Culture; Asian History & Culture; Middle East History & Culture; African History & Culture
  • PHIL 2210 Introduction to Asian Philosophies
  • POLS 2231 Introduction to Comparative Politics
  • SCPY 1001 Psychology of Diversity and Learning in Schools
  • SOC 2201 Introduction to Gender and Sexuality Studies

 Foreign Languages