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Changing an Approved Gen Ed Assessment Plan

Official versions of approved assessment plans will reside in the GERC online repository where they will be accessible for view by all ISU faculty and staff, and open to suggestions and comments by originating department chairs and their designees.  (Suggest/Comment access can be arranged by contacting gercmail@isu.edu.)

  • Small changes to specific instruments or processes within the spirit of the original plan do not require modification of the original plan or GERC approval.

  • Significant changes to the assessment schedule, the type of instruments employed, sampling method, course number or title change, or the selection of learning outcomes addressed need to be reviewed by GERC.  To request this review, departments should use "Suggesting" mode to propose changes in the online document, and indicate on the annual reporting form that changes have been entered.  Notify gercmail@isu.edu and your GERC rep (see GERC Membership List) that the plan has been modified.