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Short-Term Loans

The Short-Term loan program is funded by Friends of Idaho State University. It is limited to loans for books and educational expenses. The maximum amount of each loan is $500. The loans are issued for up to 90 days. They must be repaid upon receipt of financial aid, 90 days after issue, or the last day of the semester, whichever arrives first. Your ISU internal credit rating will be reviewed prior to loan approval. Failure to pay this loan as agreed will adversely affect the credit rating used internally by ISU.

How to Obtain a Short-Term Loan

Complete application and promissory note, bring paperwork to the Office of Finance and Administration, Room 317F in the Administration Building.

Short-Term Loan Application/Promissory Note


Contact Us

For information regarding short-term loans, please contact one of the following:

  • Maria C Gonzalez - (208) 282-3898