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Film Studies Minor

Offered in conjunction with the Department of Communication, Media, and Persuasion, the Film Studies Minor offers an interdisciplinary curriculum to study and create visual narratives as an art form across cultural, economic, literary, global, and technological contexts. Coursework includes instruction that traces the evolution of formal aesthetics, genres, and industry standards within the medium, from early cinema to contemporary digital streaming services. Students in the minor will develop critical thinking skills by analyzing movies as powerful cultural texts and cultivate creative thinking skills and professional opportunities by learning how to develop, pitch, produce, and write original works within the entertainment and documentary narrative styles. 

Core Courses:

  • ENGL 1126 Art of Film I
  • ENGL 3305 Art of Film II (topic varies by instructor)

Choose Four Electives:

  • CMP 2286 Visual Rhetoric
  • CMP 3310 Multiplatform Storytelling
  • CMP 3312 Screenwriting
  • CMP 3371 Narrative Video Production
  • CMP 3373 Documentary Cinema
  • ENGL 3305 Art of Film II (different topic)

Contact us:

Brent Wolter

Chair of English and Philosophy


Amanda Christensen

English & Philosophy Administrative Assistant