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Going back to college after 20 years as a non-traditional student I was nervous. My very first class was fabulous! I took courses in literature, creative writing, and got my bachelor’s degree in Professional Writing. If I could have, I would have majored in all three. The faculty truly put students first. After graduation, I got a job as Marketing and Communications Coordinator, and it draws on all the skills I learned in English. I love the English department and ISU!

Elisabeth Curtis | BA English, Professional Writing | Class of ‘22

Community sits at tables facing the guest speaker at a reading event

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At Idaho State University, we offer programs and courses in English literature, creative writing, professional writing, linguistics, and film studies. Our graduate programs include MA and PhD degrees, as well as the Certificate in TESOL, offering comprehensive training in English studies and pedagogical theory. 

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Meet Our Faculty

As a member of our English Department, you will be part of a lively intellectual community. We encourage close collaboration between students and faculty mentors, fostering a supportive learning environment. Our faculty, with their expertise in British, American, and world literature, creative and professional writing, and linguistics, are committed to fostering a dynamic and engaging learning environment that prepares you for the demands of the professional world.

Meet Our Faculty

The English and Philosophy faculty pose for a picture on the front steps of the Liberal Arts building
In a classroom at ISU, a professor stands at the front of the class in front of a projector screen with text. Students sit at tables in a square formation around her.

English Career Opportunities

  • Advertising
  • Audiobook Narrator
  • Banking
  • Business
  • College Advising
  • Editing
  • Gaming
  • Grant writer
  • Insurance
  • Law
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Medical writer
  • Publishing
  • Public Relations
  • Staff support positions 
  • Teaching
  • Technical writer
  • Usability (UX) consultants and writers

Note: According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) in 2019, the median annual wage for people with English degrees in the US was $51,000, higher than the median wage across all occupations.

Skills Employers Want

An education in English develops the top skills that today's employers seek.

  • Analytical skills: Enable independent problem-solving and decision-making within modern teams.
  • Research skills: Vital for informed decision-making and staying relevant in a rapidly changing business landscape.
  • Strong communication skills: Essential for effective communication in various channels, including remote work environments.

Benefits of Majoring in English

  • Acquire tools that never lose value: skills applicable in any classroom, office, or creative venture.
  • Develop writing skills for various contexts and purposes.
  • Explore the impact of language on politics, religion, philosophy, and social discourse.
  • Explain your world: Analyze texts to gain insights into the significance of life.
  • Gain understanding and empathy by reading stories from diverse perspectives.
  • Immerse yourself in reading and writing.
  • Understand the effect of changing media: Analyze the dynamics of written communication in the digital age.
  • Write intelligently, beautifully, persuasively.

Want to know more about ISU's English programs? Watch this video.

Offerings in literature, creative writing, professional writing, linguistics, and film studies.


Events for the department are on hold during the summer session. Please check back in August as the 2024-2025 academic year gets underway.

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Find your ROAR with English at ISU

At Idaho State University, our Department of English is dedicated to providing a diverse range of programs and courses in English literature, creative writing, professional writing, linguistics, and film studies. With our dedicated faculty and small, personal classes, you will have the opportunity to explore the rich traditions of literature and gain a deep understanding of language and its cultural impact.

An English degree equips you with strong communication skills, critical thinking abilities, and a profound understanding of how language shapes culture, making you highly valued by employers in various fields. Whether your aspirations lie in teaching, writing, editing, journalism, business, law, or public relations, an English degree from Idaho State University prepares you for success.

As part of our lively intellectual community, you will experience close collaboration with faculty mentors and fellow students in a supportive learning environment. We also offer distinctive graduate programs, including MA and PhD degrees, as well as the Certificate in TESOL, combining comprehensive training in English studies with practical pedagogical theory.

Come and join us at Idaho State University to explore the joy and rewards of studying English, preparing yourself for a fulfilling career and a lifelong appreciation of language and literature.