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Idaho State University

English and Philosophy

Student writing on the quad in the fall

Our department offers small classes and award-winning faculty.  English students focus on literature, professional writing, or creative writing, while Philosophy majors take traditional or pre-law tracks.  Our M.A., TESOL certificate, and Ph.D. in  English and the Teaching of English prepare graduate students for careers in higher education.

See what courses are offered in our Course Booklet (Spring 2020 offerings) or visit our program page.


Wednesday, December 11th 3:30-4:30 pm. LA 256. Melinda Linscott Ph.D. Completion Colloquium. She will be presenting on seventeenth-century writer Lady Mayr Wroth's cultural critiques.


Jessica Winston, Professor of English, recently published “Situated Interpretation: Teaching Shakespeare with Live Performance," in The CEA Forum the College English Association’s journal of teaching and learning. The article, which grows out of  her experiences teaching the "Shakespeare in Performance" summer course, was developed in the department's works-in-progress series.

Bill McCurdy, Instructor in Philosophy, recently gave papers at two conferences: "The Formal Semeiotics of Abductive, Deductive, and Inductive Reasoning: Group-theoretical and Category-theoretical Accounts: C.S. Peirce’s Logic of Relations and Pythagorean Analogia: Graph-theoretical and Surface-theoretical Models," at The 14th World Congress of Semiotics, September 9 - 13, 2019, Buenos Aires, Argentina; and "Abductive and Inductive Arguments as Varieties of Generalized Division Problems: A New Argument for the Necessity of Abduction and Induction," at the 14th Annual Intermountain Philosophy Conference, October 25, 2019, Utah Valley University, Orem, Utah.





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