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Graduate Student Awards

Each year we offer one MA student and one PhD student an Outstanding Teaching award. In order to be eligible for this award, the student must have taught (or co-taught) a course that academic year.

2024 Award Recipients

Jackie Sedlacek- PhD student

Luke Fredette- MA student

2023 Award Recipients

Elizabeth Olaoye- PhD student (co-winner)

Paul Williams- PhD student (co-winner)

Suparna Sinha- Honorable Mention

2022 Award Recipients

Jessica Woolley- PhD student

Gretchen Rowe- MA student

Paul Williams- Honorable Mention

2021 Award Recipients

Hogan Schaak- PhD student

Morgan Spalding- MA student

Cameron Sedlacek- Honorable Mention

2020 Award Recipients

Sarah Rick - PhD student

Kristen Wheaton - MA student

2019 Award Recipients

Noran Amin - PhD student

Ryan Tallmon - MA student

2018 Award Recipients

Corinna Barrett - PhD student

Ann Marie Potter - MA student

2017 Award Recipients

Anelise Farris - PhD student

Price Worrell - MA student

2016 Award Recipients

Diantha Smith - PhD student

Daniel Meyerend - MA student

2015 Award Recipients

Jeff Howard - PhD student

Forrest Johnson - MA student

2014 Award Recipients

Jacob Claflin - PhD student

Corinna Barrett - MA student

2013 Award Recipients

Steven Hall - PhD student

Ryan Topper - MA student