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English Undergraduate Studies

Why Study English?

In our classes, you will explore the traditions of American and English literature, investigate the structure of language, write creatively, and manipulate multi-modal texts.

By studying with our award-winning faculty in small, personal classes, an English degree will give you strong communication skills, and enable you to use information critically; you will see how language functions within culture, and how literature gives meaning to human experience.

What Can I Do with an English Major?

Employers are always seeking workers who can read critically, analyze logically, and communicate clearly. Professional schools also prize applicants with English degrees.

English is an excellent choice if you want to become a teacher, writer, or editor. English majors also excel in such careers as journalism, gaming, business, law, public relations, advertising, and publishing.

To major in English is to think with greater deliberation about the world of language in which we live. We invite you to experience the pleasure and reward of studying English.

To learn more about career paths our graduates have followed, check out our occasional YouTube Series on English Major Futures.

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