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Change in Employee Compensation

CEC Town Hall Information

Please refer to the CEC Town Hall Zoom recording for the presentation and general FAQ's. Also here are the FY24 CEC Town Hall slides.

Employee Raises: What is CEC?

The Idaho State Legislature is responsible for the distribution of public funds, in coordination with the Division of Financial Management (DFM) and Division of Human Resources (DHR). Each year, the legislature votes to:

  • Determine whether State of Idaho employees will receive pay raises, and
  • Define some structure as to how those raises will be implemented.  

The State of Idaho refers to these compensation adjustments as the Change in Employee Compensation, or CEC.

If legislation is approved, details are shared with each state agency, including Idaho State University. From there, ISU leadership works together to prepare a distribution plan based on these legislative requirements and submit our plan to the State of Idaho Division of Human Resources (DHR) and Division of Financial Management (DFM) for approval. 

For Fiscal Year 2024 (FY24), the Legislature approved the ISU budget to fund a CEC pool equal to $1.20 per hour for ISU employees funded from State appropriations for compensation increases with multiple distribution components for eligible higher education employees on appropriated salary lines. Because many ISU positions are funded from grant or local funding, ISU also accounts for benefit-eligible grant and locally funded positions so that ISU employees are treated consistently in CEC implementation. ISU’s FY24 plan is designed based on HR best practices, considering impacts such as salary compression, market considerations (recruitment/retention), and equity of overall increases across employee groups, and addresses positions funded by the grant and local dollars. 

Of this increase in appropriated CEC funding, ISU’s CEC plan was approved to be distributed based on the following components, per guidelines from the State DHR and DFM:

  • Performance/Market-based merit increase for Classified/Non-Classified Staff, and Faculty
  • Performance/Market-based equity adjustments for all employee categories for recruitment/retention purposes
  • Adjustments to Classified staff minimum rate of pay based on FY24 State DHR pay line shift
  • Academic promotion/advancement in rank for qualifying Faculty

NOTE: To be eligible for a performance-based CEC increase, the State of Idaho DHR requires that employees must have completed their required 2022 Respectful Workplace and 2023 Cyber Security training, and have a completed 2022 performance review.

Our plan to implement these changes, as well as a few other ISU-specific compensation components, was recently approved by DHR and DFM.