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ASISU Officers

Executive - ASISU President, Vice Presidents, and Cabinet

Legislative - ASISU Senate and Finance Committee

Office Staff

Dr. Craig M. Chatriand - ASISU General Manager & Vice President for Student Affairs
email: craigchatriand@isu.edu  phone: 208-282-3818

Destiny Lynch - Management Assistant for Dean of Students
email: destinylynch@isu.edu  phone: 208-282-4220

Eliana Madison - ASISU Secretary
email: asisu@isu.edu  phone: 208-282-3435

ASISU Agenda Sign Up

Please fill out the attached Google Form if you are looking to present or attend an ASISU Senate or Finance Meeting. 

Sign Up Google Form

ASISU Feedback

Please fill out the attached Google Form containing any feedback, comments or suggestions. 

We appreciate your feedback!