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Organizations within ASISU

Presidential Cabinet

The President's Cabinet, in accordance to the ASISU Bylaws, consists of the following: the Vice President, Senate Pro-Tempore, Student Activities Board Director, Finance Officer, Elections Commissioner, and the Idaho Falls Campus Vice President. The Cabinet meets weekly, at the President's discretion.The President may ask other appointed officers to join the Cabinet. The purpose of the Cabinet is to inform and give counsel to the President.


Caucus is an informal meeting in which senators come together to discuss governing documents, upcoming events, and the affairs of ASISU. 

Finance Committee

The Finance Committee is comprised of the president, vice president, Idaho Falls vice president, student senators and the senate finance officer. The finance officer is appointed by the president. The Student Leadership & Engagement Center employs a Financial Technician to maintain financial information for all recognized student organizations. Financial requests by students, clubs, and line items are submitted to the Finance Committee. Those that meet ASISU criteria are presented to Senate for approval. All students, faculty, and staff are welcome to attend without invitation. 


The senate is comprised of 13 senators and the vice president who is responsible for running the meeting. Each senator is a representative of the college that he or she belongs to. Together, senators act as the voice of the student body population to advocate and make decisions on behalf of the students of Idaho State University.

Rules and Appointments Committee

The Rules and Appointments Committee ensures that ASISU's actions and decisions are in congruence with their Constitution and Bylaws. If an instance occurs where ASISU is not in harmony with founding documents, members of this committee will bring it to the attention of the senate and action will be taken. 

Student Involvement Committee

The role of the Student Involvement Committee  is to oversee the topics involved with student life (Events such as Parents weekend, Welcome Week, Homecoming, Spring Fest etc.). This committee will coordinate with ISU departments so that ASISU can have the opportunity to represented ASISU at these events and overall in student life. The Student Involvement Committee responsible for interacting with and representing outreach campuses. The Student Involvement Committee is also responsible for reaching out to all student regardless of location, through activities and events. The Student Involvement Committee is in charge of coordinating and organizing student lead tailgates. With the position of Social Media Coordinator able to manage the upkeep of ASISU social media, the Student Involvement Committee will be the reporting committee for the Social Media Coordinator. The Social Media Coordinator will be a part of this committee and attend two (2) meetings per month. One member of the committee will be tasked to coordinate with KISU to assist in the maintenance of the ROAR Report, formerly known as ASISU Speaks. Additionally, Student Involvement Committee shall promote and advocate diversity and inclusion at Idaho State University, which can include planning events, educational sessions, or projects that will aid diversity. The Student Involvement Committee chair (or co-chairs) shall have the responsibility of setting the meeting agenda, recording of the meeting minutes, and reporting to the Senate during their Student Involvement Committee Chair Report. The Senate pro-tempore shall select, during caucus, one (1) member Student Involvement Committee or two (2) co-chairs to serve as chair of The Student Involvement.