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Voter's Guide

Executive Ticket President and Vice-President Candidates

Bengal Party 

Both Executive Candidates for the Bengal Party are write in candidates. 

Making a choice, taking a chance, and embracing change encapsulates the essence of our campaign. This is the ethos of the Bengal Party, where we stand committed to a campus that is secure, enriching, and united. Our approach is built on the pillars of ensuring campus safety, fostering professional development, and promoting alumni and club involvement. These are not just goals but commitments to improving the experience for every student at Idaho State University.

**Campus Safety:** We prioritize the well-being of every Bengal. Our initiative aims to provide comprehensive mental health resources, implement effective safety measures, and introduce first aid programs to guarantee a secure learning environment from day one.

**Professional Development:** Our vision extends beyond the classroom. By offering expanded internship opportunities, facilitating access to professional certifications, creating robust alumni networks, and enhancing career services, we ensure students are not just educated but prepared for the challenges and opportunities of the future.

**Alumni & Club Involvement:** The Bengal spirit is about more than just academics; it's about creating a sense of family and unity. Through encouraging alumni engagement and supporting the diverse array of student organizations and clubs, we aim to foster a campus culture where every student feels they belong and can thrive.

The Bengal Party brings together a wealth of experience, leadership, and a clear vision for the future of ISU. Our plan includes continuing the promotion of initiatives like Benny’s Funding to support student research and club events, advancing sustainability efforts, and collaborating with the Alumni Center to establish a comprehensive mentorship program. Our team is diverse, representing all corners of campus life, united by a shared goal to enhance the student experience. Including the most involved students on campus!

Our vision for ISU is a place where every student feels supported in their journey to learn, work, and explore new possibilities. A campus where the Bengal family stands strong together, ready to face the future with confidence.

This March, your vote can steer the course of change. Choose to voice your support, embrace the opportunity for growth, and become part of a movement where we all come together as BENGALS! Remember, your voice is powerful!

Let it be heard from March 1-8. Choose the Bengal Party, and let's make ISU a place where every student can truly excel.


Neelam Mishra and Jennifer Vidales, Orange and Black Party

We, Neelam Mishra and Jennifer Vidales, proudly represent the Orange and Black Party, and we are honored to present our candidacy for the upcoming ISU elections as President and Vice President.

Our collective experience in different fields and shared commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive campus community drive our candidacy. As candidates for President and Vice President, respectively, our vision aligns with the core values of the Orange and Black Party. We are dedicated to ensuring that our university becomes a place where every student feels heard, valued, and included. In terms of student involvement, we aim to create a safe and inclusive environment for multicultural groups on campus. Understanding the significance of representation, we are committed to fostering a space where each student feels genuinely acknowledged and represented. Additionally, we recognize the essential role of athletics in campus life and are devoted to enhancing the overall athletics environment. This involves providing improved facilities, support systems, and resources to enable athletes to excel both academically and athletically.

Addressing the nutritional challenges faced by students is a top priority for us. We will advocate for a more diverse range of nutritious foods and meal plans in campus dining and cafe areas. Recognizing the critical role a well-balanced diet plays in student success, our objective is to make healthy choices more accessible for everyone, ensuring that students have the nutritional support required to thrive academically.

Prioritizing mental health is fundamental to our values. We are committed to increasing access to counseling and mental health services on campus, aiming to reduce the stigma surrounding mental health. Our goal is to promote awareness and ensure that every student has easy access to the support they need. By addressing mental health concerns openly and comprehensively, we aspire to create a campus environment that nurtures the well-being of all students. As representatives of the Orange and Black Party, we are not just leaders; we are advocates for positive change. With a steadfast focus on diversity, inclusivity, and the overall well-being of our campus community, we are determined to create an environment where every student can thrive.

Let us come together in building a stronger and more vibrant campus for all. Your vote for us is a vote for positive change and a more inclusive, student-focused ISU.

Together, we can make a lasting impact.



Idaho Fall Vice President

No Candidates Running.  

Write in votes available. 

College of Arts and Letters

Emily Ramani, Bengal Party 

My name is Emily Ramani, and I am running for Senator for the college of Arts and Letter. There are many reasons why I am running for office. One of those reasons is the love I have for Idaho State University. We have the best professors and students here on campus and I believe it’s important to educate the public on what we have to offer. Within my college I plan to help students with internship opportunities. We have so many great resources at ISU to make
connections and get involved around the world, we just need to promote these opportunities more. Also, I believe we need to support the performing arts students within our college. There are so many talented individuals in the college of Arts and Letter, we just need to provide resources for these students to grow within the university. The Political Science department has some of the best faculty at ISU. When we are talking to potential new Bengals, we must bring up
the fact that we have an incredible political science department and encourage students to join. My main goal in the Senate is to help students succeed within the college and beyond.

I believe the college of Arts and Letters has a bright future and by working together we can achieve our goals.


Shalu (Shalini) Pokharel, Orange and Black Party 

Hello, My name is Shalini Pokharel, but I go by Shalu. I am from Nepal. This is my second semester here, and in the short time I have been here, I have fallen in love with Idaho, as it reminds me of home. As the president of ISA, I have already begun forming better relationships between American and international students.

If I became the senator, I would help articulate the policies effectively and become a voice for any students who are struggling and may deal with things such as mental, emotional, and physical health both now and in the future. As a senator, I would like to create an environment where everyone feels involved, safe, and comfortable—becoming a voice for those who may not feel like they have one.

My main goal is to encourage an environment that gets more students involved in different campus events. As someone who would represent all the students here, I would advocate for policies that benefit the student body and communicate everything to them because they are the primary people for whom the student government exists—making the student government transparent and forming a relationship that encourages students to hold the student government accountable.

I hope that in reading this, you all will vote for me and help me become the individual who can listen to your problems, voice them to the proper individuals, and come up with solutions together that ease us into a brighter future.



College of Business

Sky Halter, Bengal Party 

Something that has always been very important to me as a citizen is the community, and the connection between people with their busy lives, and the local leaders/legislators. Coming to Idaho State, I have realized that it is as important or even more here than it is anywhere else. That is why I quickly realized after coming to ISU that I wanted to get involved, and I realized that ASISU is an excellent way to do that. As a senator for the College of Business, I would work with my fellow ASISU members as well as the general ISU population to promote and enhance student involvement and activities, make sure that all students have a representative to hear their thoughts, and keep Idaho State and the activities at Idaho State fair. As a senator, I would hear people out, thoroughly study important ISU rules and laws, and be involved with a variety of diverse clubs and organizations at ISU, both to enjoy my time here, and to understand certain problems that people have. 

CJ Lopez, Bengal Party 

My name is CJ Lopez, and I hope to serve as your next Senator for the College of Business at Idaho State University. As a passionate double major in Marketing and Finance, I bring a unique perspective and an unwavering commitment to serving the needs and ambitions of our student body. In this role, my mission is to bridge the gap between the student government and our dedicated community of learners, ensuring their voices are not just heard, but acted upon. I aim to leverage my position by coordinating with both the administration and the students themselves to best serve the collective aspirations of the College of Business. I am committed to elevating the student experience, unlocking new avenues, and providing opportunities for professional growth. Overall, I hope to foster a College of Business that is more innovative and influential. I’m here to advocate for the 12,000 driven students of the College of Business, paving the way for the future of Idaho State University.


Bella Short, Orange and Black Party

My name is Bella Short. I have been involved in student government for the last 6 years at the middle school and high school level, and I am excited to bring my experience to the table at the collegiate level. I am running as a Senator for the College of Business and hope to be the best representative of my peers that I can be. As a sophomore at Idaho State University, I have had a variety of classes, met a variety of people, and have had a variety of experiences here on campus that have represented Idaho State’s  empowering environment. If I have the privilege of serving my fellow students in this position my goal is to continue to build upon Idaho State’s diverse and welcoming environment by organizing more student events, creating more spaces for those of different backgrounds to have a voice, and do my part to hear the voices of my peers to make a difference here. I believe that college is about both educational and social experiences and I want to do my part to make sure that any graduate at any level can have those experiences and look back at their time at Idaho State fondly. I plan to channel my energy and passion for this opportunity into improving what needs to be improved and empowering those who want to be empowered. I want to be a leader and a friend, but also a learner because I know that everyone has room to grow.


College of Education

McKalee Brugeman, Bengal Party

I am excited to announce my candidacy for the re-election for the College of Education Senator, and I am eager to represent your voices and interests. As a passionate advocate for positive change and community engagement, I am committed to fostering an inclusive and supportive environment where every student feels heard, valued, and appreciated.

Throughout my time as the current College of Education Senator, I have witnessed the incredible potential that lies within our students. However, I have also seen the challenges and obstacles that many of us face on a daily basis. From an increase in student engagement and exciting opportunities, to the struggle of career education and accurate representation, our campus community grapples with a wide range of issues that require attention and action.

If elected, I will prioritize the following initiatives:

1) Education and information with career opportunities
2) Professional development
3) Completing work with the College of Education Club

Thank you for your consideration, and I hope to have your support.

Brenden Muesch, Bengal Party

My name is Brendon Meusch. I am currently running for ASISU senator for the college of education. I am super excited for this opportunity to represent HPSS department as there is a massive gap between us in Reed and those in the College of Ed building. The other main thing that I am going to strive to accomplish is to add new speakers to Reed gym for basketball games to get a better atmosphere at games. Along with that working with my other senators to get speakers in the weightlifting area so there is some sort of background music for lifters. I want to work closely with the AD department and work on getting much of our old film digitized as that deteriorates overtime. Over the year I will be open to suggestions and working with those who don’t agree on compromises to come to the best terms with everyone. These qualities and my plan moving forward make me a great candidate for this position.


Shelly Nugent, Orange and Black Party

My name is Shelly Nugent. I am majoring in Secondary Education with minors in History and Political Science. I am running for ASISU as a Senator to represent the College of Education. As an aspiring educator, deeply committed to fostering a positive and
inclusive classroom environment, active participation in student governance is essential for shaping a vibrant and supportive academic community.

My decision to run stems from my sincere desire to advocate for the unique needs and perspectives of students within the COE. I am passionate about creating a platform that encourages open communication and collaboration between students, faculty, and administration. By actively engaging with the diverse voices within our college, I aim to address concerns, propose solutions, and ensure that our collective aspirations are effectively communicated.

We have had a disconnect between the students and the administration. I aim to be that bridge by actively listening to the concerns of my peers, I hope to be a proactive voice for positive change and work towards implementing policies that enhance the educational journey for every student in the COE.

My desire to be your Senator is driven by a genuine commitment to fostering a supportive, inclusive, and empowering environment within our college. I am eager to collaborate with my fellow students, faculty, and administrators to contribute to the continuous improvement of our academic community. Your support will enable me to effectively represent the College of Education's interests and work towards creating a campus environment where every student can thrive.




College of Pharmacy

Duncan Andrus, Bengal Party

I'm Duncan Andrus, running for the College of Pharmacy Senator role. I am running to elevate your voice, promote inclusivity, drive student success, advocate for health and well-being, and contribute to sustainable campus initiatives. My goal for the future of the college of pharmacy is a college where we can prosper in our academics, professionalism, and personal growth. .

Mikayla Antansun, Bengal Party 

Hi everyone! My name is Mikayla Antonson and I am a second-year pharmacy student. I look forward to representing the College of Pharmacy as a senator within ASISU. Throughout my previous leadership roles, I have advocated for the unique needs and concerns of pharmacy students, and I am excited to continue doing so. As a future pharmacist, I understand the importance of advocacy and representation, and I plan to uphold these values as I represent our
college. As a senator, I plan to address issues such as increasing access to affordable academic materials, expanding opportunities for professional development, and enhancing sustainability efforts. Through collaborating with other representatives within ASISU, I aim to be a voice for my peers and contribute to the enrichment of our educational experience at Idaho State University.

College of Graduate Studies


Tyler Breech

Having been at ISU for over four years, I have experienced many facets of the University and student life in general. These experiences have guided me to running for Graduate School Senator, as insights gained over the years provide ideas on how to improve the student experience on campus. While some ideas may be more graduate student centric, such as improved research funding opportunities, access to publishing fee assistance, and aligning realistic graduate school requirements with degree programs, there are also many opportunities to support all students at ISU. This can be done through advocation for students with University Administration in the case of bring to the light pressing issues in academic buildings, actions like increasing sustainability within student run clubs and organizations, and conversations with students about appropriate and highly useful disbursement of ASISU funds. I also believe in an open-door policy, where all students can voice concerns with any topic and know they are heard and the message relayed, as well as bring additional ideas that can be explored in the context of the student body. Thus, the ideas stated here aren’t all encompassing of what I can achieve for students at ISU, but a starting point for improvements at ISU.

Rakesh Itani, Orange and Black Party

With great pleasure, I, Rakesh Itani, a graduate student in Computer Science of the Idaho State University declare my candidacy for the Graduate School Senator in the forthcoming ASISU election as representative of Orange and Black party. I'm an enthusiastic graduate student at Idaho State University who is committed to improving our academic community.

As a Graduate School Senator my main goal will be to improve graduate student-ASISU communication and make sure the issues and difficulties of the graduate students are understood and taken seriously. I am dedicated to cultivating an atmosphere of inclusiveness and diversity in the graduate school of Idaho State University, striving to create a space where each student especially graduate students who are usually away from student organizations and events feel
appreciated and encouraged.
I am aware of the particular difficulties graduate students encounter, such as the cost of housing, childcare, and mental health. My goal is to enhance the general welfare of our graduate community by working with university departments and advocating for workable solutions.

I really think that constructive change may be sparked by open communication and teamwork. As a Graduate School Senator, I will be committed to advocating for the needs and goals of graduate students because I believe that every voice matters. I respectfully put forward my candidacy as a Graduate School Senator for the approaching election. Let's work together to enhance and maximize the graduation experience we have at Idaho State University.
Together, let’s shape a graduate experience at ISU that is not only academically enriching but also personally fulfilling. I look forward to the opportunity to represent and serve ASISU as the Graduate School Senator.

Tanzim Mostafa, Orange and Black Party

Greetings, I'm Tanzim Mostafa. As a candidate for the graduate senator position with ASISU, I'm fully dedicated to advancing three critical areas in line with our party's goals: promoting student involvement, improving nutritional well-being,
and prioritizing mental health services.

For student involvement, I aim to create an inclusive campus environment by advocating for a dedicated space where students of all faiths can practice their beliefs comfortably. Furthermore, I'll enhance access to a variety of sports in our gym facilities, including options such as cricket, soccer, and badminton. This will ensure that all students have opportunities to participate in physical activities that resonate with them.

In terms of nutritional well-being, I will strive to ensure that all students have access to nutritious and affordable food options on campus. This involves advocating for expanded meal plans to accommodate various dietary preferences and requirements, including vegetarian, vegan, and  gluten-free options.

Mental health is a top priority for me. I will actively work to raise awareness, reduce stigma, and push for more funding to expand counseling services. I believe every student deserves the support they need to succeed both academically and personally.

If elected, I will be a proactive advocate for these goals, collaborating with students, faculty, and administration to address the pressing needs of our campus community. Together, we can create a campus environment that prioritizes student well-being and fosters a sense of belonging for all. Thank you for considering me as your representative in ASISU.





College of Health Professions

Shannon Palmer, Bengal Party 

I am Shannon Palmer, I am currently a Health Science Major with a concentration in Occupational Therapy. I am running for Health Professions Senator because I am eager to ensure that the health professions are represented in what they value. As Idaho State University is a health profession-based school I see the importance of having a senator that is ambitious in identifying issues within the programs and allocating resources to alleviate these issues.  As a future healthcare professional, I recognize the critical role that advocacy and representation plays in ensuring that these programs grow and provide students with opportunities needed to further progress toward their careers. 

Throughout my academic journey and extracurricular involvement, I have witnessed firsthand the challenges faced by students pursuing careers in health professions. They often have ambitious schedules whether that be applying for scholarships, internships, or just the daily workload that comes from this academic path. As a health professional Senator, I will dedicate myself to listening to the needs of each department and promoting these needs and initiatives to ensure that I make their academic journey as smooth as possible. 

In collaboration with administration and my peers, I intended to develop progressive solutions for the issues that the College of Health has faced. Working with ASISU I will promote an empowered positive step forward for future healthcare professionals by providing distinguished programs within Idaho State University.


Yujin Kwon, Orange and Black Party

Hi, my name is YuJin Kwon, and I am running for the College of Health Senator position. As an international student from Korea, I am passionate about helping all students have a fulfilling and enriching college experience.

I believe that every student should have the opportunity to gain valuable experience. I will work to create more opportunities for students to participate in internships, research projects, and other experiential learning activities. These experiences will help students develop the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in their chosen careers.

I am also committed to creating a more inclusive and supportive environment for all students. I will work to address the challenges faced by students from underrepresented groups, including international students. I will also advocate for mental health and wellness resources for all students.

I am a hard worker and I am dedicated to serving the students of the College of Health. I have a proven track record of leadership and I am confident that I can make a positive difference in the lives of our students.


College of Science and Engineering

Saugat Acharya, Bengal Party 

Hi, I’m Saugat. I am running for the Senator for College of Science and Engineering. I am majoring in Computer Science. I previously worked as Director of Student Organizational Affairs for ASISU, and I am very excited to run for the senate position.

I am involved in various student organizations on campus. I previously worked as the President for Nepalese Students Association and currently am the President for Gaming and Visualization Club on campus. My involvement on campus has given me a deep understanding of the challenges and the opportunities that our college has. I understand what it means for a student to be involved on campus and how it helps a student grow. I want to be a voice for the students at College of Science and Engineering and ensure that the voice of students is heard on campus. I will be working to close the gap and foster the communication between students, faculty, and the administration. I will advocate for the policies to improve research opportunities, promote academic excellence, and enhance overall student experience. I ask for your support and vote to be the voice to represent you. Go Bengals!

Nakiah Shanafelt, Bengal Party 

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved science. As a little girl, the first book I ever read was about stars and how they shape our universe. While reading about the stars in my first-grade classroom, I had no concept of the barriers and struggles that stand in the way of pursuing scientific education. But I am far from the only person who faces these barriers, and I know that I have been much luckier than many others.

I have chosen to run for Senator for the College of Science and Engineering because I am so deeply passionate about tearing down these barriers and creating an environment that is kind and inclusive. Disciplines within science and engineering remain some of the least diverse fields of study due to a deeply rooted culture which marginalizes individuals who do not conform to stereotypical ideals. Who should be a scientist? Who should be an engineer?

My answer? All of us. STEM should be a place where everyone has a seat at the table, regardless of any external factors. Nurturing a culture of understanding and acceptance allows for not only interdisciplinary collaboration, but for cooperative problem solving that incorporates many different perspectives.

As a Senator, I will be committed to ensuring each and every individual feels included and accepted during their educational journey here at ISU, empowering them to tackle a post-graduate world that may not be so kind.

Diya Padney, Orange and Black Party 

With great pleasure, I, Diya Pandey, declare my candidacy for the ASISU Senate seat in the College of Science and Engineering as a representative of Orange and Black party. As an enthusiastic science and engineering major and committed student, I think that becoming your representative will enable me to make a significant contribution to our academic community.

I have seen our college's enormous potential and wide range of abilities throughout my academic career. In order to make sure that our fellow students'; interests and concerns are represented and that their needs are met, I am running for this post. My dedication lies in creating an atmosphere that encourages superior academic performance, creativity, and teamwork.

I have a thorough awareness of the particular difficulties that the College of Science and Engineering presents because of my time spent as a student there. I'm committed to collaborating closely with the staff, administration, and—above all—my fellow students to
bring about constructive improvements. This entails promoting better lab setups, more chances for study, and easier access to materials that will enrich our educational experiences.

Furthermore, I am committed to fostering an environment at our college that welcomes and supports diversity and inclusion for all students. In order to create a more cohesive and robust academic community, I plan to actively engage with the issues of our varied student body and promote open communication.

I am excited to take on the position of College of Science and Engineering Senator and provide my enthusiasm, commitment, and new viewpoint. Let's collaborate to establish a lively and encouraging learning atmosphere that enables each student to succeed. I appreciate that you are thinking of me as your representative, and I am excited about the chance to work for you in this role.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



College of Technology

Ryan Glass, Bengal Party

Hello, I’m Ryan Glass. I am a Junior in the College of Technology at. On campus, I am a part of Tau Kappa Epsilon. I am currently in the aviation program, so I take classes at the Pocatello Regional Airport! When I am not in class or during homework I like to go hang out with the boys and go skiing and just have a good time whenever I can! I look
forward to running for Senate and running with the Bengal party! I want to make education accessible to everyone, and I believe that raising student wages is a must when it comes to improving the quality of student life! My three areas of priorities are: resources, community, and collaboration.

Resources: Equitable Access to Textbooks. Feel supported with an equitable access to textbook model where one price gives you access to all of your textbooks the first day of class.

Community: Raising Student Wages. Be paid a livable wage, so you can stay in school and get where you need to be after graduation when the Bengal party leverages existing business partnerships, consolidates unfilled CPI positions, and encourages departments to apply to external funding opportunities.

Collaboration: ISU Engagement App. Reimage life on campus where games, club events, research, internships, and more are at the tip of your fingers, thus closing communication and awareness gaps.

Owen Fujii, Bengal Party

My time at ISU has been a wonderful experience which has taught me the value of knowledge and relationships as the pillars needed to succeed. I am running as a College of Technology Senator to offer so that many other students may find their passion at ISU. One of the best ways for students to be involved is to be in a club, and I want to help encourage this by advocating for resources for clubs to put on events; as well as guides for club leaders to be able to access and take advantage of the resources offered by ISU. As a club president myself I found the resources for new club leaders to learn about how to access resources or how they function to be lacking at times. That is why it is very important to me that new club leaders be able to have guides on how to properly run their organizations. I also believe in advocating for increased promotion of the College of Technology programs as there are many great programs that struggle with enrollment. Ultimately, my goal as a senator is to be an advocate for students, but with a strong emphasis on College of Technology students so that even their limited time at ISU is both educational and creates lasting experiences. 


Henry Gibbons

My name is Henry Gibbons, I am pleased to begin my candidacy for senator of the College of Technology. As a passionate advocate for student concerns, I believe in the power of department outreach and budget transparency to enhance our college experience. If elected, I will strive to create an inclusive environment and ensure that every student's voice is heard.

Department outreach plays a crucial role in bridging the gap between students and faculty. It is important that we establish open lines of communication with all departments to address our concerns, suggestions, and ideas effectively. I will work to reestablish committees where students can engage with faculty members, fostering a collaborative partnership that cultivates a positive academic environment.
I propose transparency in budget allocation be brought up in the Executive Debate, as students have the right to know how their fees are being spent, and comprehensive and easily understandable financial reports should be provided. In addition, the retention of student committee meetings should be discussed. Strategies to increase participation and engagement in these committees are necessary to better represent the diverse student body. Lastly, a clear student outreach criteria should be addressed during the Executive Debate to establish expectations and responsibilities for elected officials.
Together, we can create a truly inclusive college community where every student feels valued and represented. Thank you for considering me for this important position.