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Voter's Guide

Executive Ticket President and Vice-President Candidates

 Emma Watts and Chance Reynolds, R.O.A.R. Party 

Hello, we are Emma and Chance!

Emma was born and raised in Pocatello. On campus, she is studying Political Science, Economics, and Marketing. She also hopes to use her involvement as the Senate Pro-Tempore and Student Body Vice President to better serve students next year. Chance is from Aberdeen, studying Education with a concentration in Secondary Education and a Minor in History. He is our College of Education Senator and President of TKEs. Chance feels everyone should take a “chance” on us. We represent the R.O.A.R. party, a party who wants to make the students' experience at ISU better. Our three areas of priorities are: resources, community, and collaboration.

Resources: Equitable Access to Textbooks. Feel supported with an equitable access to textbook model where one price gives you access to all of your textbooks the first day of class.

Community: Raising Student Wages. Be paid a livable wage, so you can stay in school and get where you need to be after graduation when the R.O.A.R. party leverages existing business partnerships, consolidates unfilled CPI positions, and encourages departments to apply to external funding opportunities.

Collaboration: ISU Engagement App. Reimage life on campus where games, club events, research, internships, and more are at the tip of your fingers, thus closing communication and awareness gaps.

We have experience, leadership, and vision. Through collaboration, Emma has created Benny’s Funding to support student research and club events, enacted sweeping legislative updates, and advanced sustainability efforts. Chance has secured funding for various on-campus organizations, led the Jungle at sporting events, and helped host college specific events. Together, we understand the grit, negotiation skills, and collaboration needed to lead this school. And, our leadership doesn’t go without a vision. Our vision is to continue to build a place where students feel supported to learn, work, and discover possibilities. Most importantly, we want students to be able to #ROARTogether on campus and excel after graduation.

You gotta make the choice. To take the chance. To make the change. Please vote Emma and Chance to be your next President and VP March 13-17!


Alex Diviney and Baylor McElroy, Dropkick Party

I am running this year for student body president because I think that we the students at ISU deserve to take pride in all the work that we do. From the hours of homework done during the evenings or weekends, to the tireless planning and execution of events and projects by club and Greek life leaders, to the on campus jobs and sports that many students take on to get by and pay for school. ISU is a school of determined and gritty students. As student body president my goal will be to help connect the work that students do to the rewards that they deserve. This will be done in three main ways:

  1. Pushing for better club support from on campus departments. There are many professionally focused student organizations on campus that would greatly benefit from a little bit of attention and help from the departments that most align with the majors of their club members. The College of Business is already good at this, and many departments under other colleges do offer support of clubs, but this should be the norm across most of our departments.
  1. Getting more employers to engage directly with ISU students. Internships, co-ops, and entry level placements are very important to all students. There is limited engagement between employers in Pocatello / East-Idaho region and ISU students. This is despite ISU’s vast and skilled talent pool. As student body president I will contact local employers and attempt to help smooth out the awkward and often stressful transition between graduation and employment and help fulfil ISU’s ultimate objective: well compensated employment for its alumni.
  1. Funding and publicity for clubs and student researchers. ASISU already gives large amounts of club funding, but still many clubs struggle to have money for basic things like snacks for meetings, or merch. There is plenty of money in ISU’s 1 million dollar budget to solve this problem (I know this first hand, I managed the budget as the ASISU finance chair two years ago).


Focusing on club funding will help clubs provide the lively on campus scene that we were all promised as part of the college experience. I think it's important to assure students that yes: their higher education is going to pay off, but also it is important to make friends in college as it is the one time in life that one gets to be surrounded by many peers who happen to share interests with them. As president I will attempt to lower the barriers to entry to both the job market, and the “friend market” on campus.

Vote Diviney for a future brighter than today!


I am running for student body vice president for one reason: to fix problems. As an engineering student I am intrigued by inefficiencies and misuse. For those of you who are unaware, the vice president’s main role in ASISU is to ensure that the senate follows the rules and guidelines in the bylaws and constitution. Under current supervision, the senate has parted ways with these laws and are only interested in having control over the vast amount of money contained in funds. This means that all the money from you, taxpayers, and donations are being locked up behind misuse and poor understanding of the ASISU mission statement. Funding should be provided without bias to any student organization in proper need. My method for achieving my goal is understanding the difference between wishful thinking and actionable solutions. It is easy for a person of a politician or business background to forget about the implementation of their grand ideas. As an engineer however, I am already subjected to this wishful thinking on a consistent basis. Given my background, I will be able to provide meaningful reason to other policy makers in ASISU with other backgrounds. This will guarantee that your money is not wasted on meaningless projects on campus. The final thing I would like to see implemented as an ASISU candidate is the distribution of funds. There are many student organizations on campus including: Greek life, clubs, church groups, athletics, and arts. As vice president, I will see that any group on campus can get the funding they deserve in accordance with the ASISU mission statement.

Vote McElroy to see funds and meaningful change!



Idaho Fall Vice President

Julia Finco

I’m Julia Finco and I’m running for ASISU Idaho Falls Vice President. This is my junior year of college and I am currently a biology major going for med school. I am very active on campus, and have helped out with many SAB events including the past two carnivals. I am the current president of the Future Healthcare Professionals of America (FHPA) which has given me the opportunity to volunteer and attend many events. I love getting to know people on campus so I think I would be able to connect and be a good voice for the people here on the Idaho Falls campus. One of the main things I would love to try and get started is utilizing the space between the BSUB and the TAB building to create a community garden. I really love this campus and the students and teachers here, so being able to be a part of something like this would be amazing and I hope you vote for me!

Corbin Shuravloff

Coming from 14 years of military service I believe I have great first-hand leadership experience. I know what it takes to listen to those you represent and ensure that their needs are met and their concerns are voiced. I’ve worked as a multinational instructor and learned to listen to feedback and implement change when needed. If elected I will maintain an open-door policy to ensure all concerns are heard, and I will do my best to help make change where it needs to be. I have done this already with some classes I feel needed such change. I asked other students what their possible issues were and compiled a list. I then had meetings with the instructors to bring up the issues and have seen restructuring in classes because of this. If I am elected I will strive to continue to represent others this way. Everyone’s opinion deserves to be heard.

College of Arts and Letters

Natalie Mortenson, R.O.A.R Party 

I’ve been a senator for the past year and I’ve worked on a lot. I helped with many projects including sending the band to the Big Sky Conference to support our basketball team, I’m working with the dean of the College of Arts and Letters and the CPI office to write a resolution to support increasing the CPI wages, I’m currently working on creating a university wide faculty appreciation week, and much more. While I’ve completed a lot throughout this past year I have more ideas and goals that I want to accomplish next year. A goal that I had this year that I feel is necessary to continue working on is making ASISU function better on the backend. Something else I want to continue doing is spreading the word about club funding. Not only empowering students to apply for incentive points, new club funding, initial deposit, and matched funding but also our newer form of funding the Benny’s Funding for Clubs. I’ve spent a lot of time this past year making connections and trying to make ASISU and ISU, as a whole, the best it can be. I’ve always strived to do that, and I hope to continue making our University a better place!


Maclane Westbrook, R.O.A.R Party 

I’ve greatly enjoyed my first year in senate, setting and accomplishing goals with my fellow senators and executive leaders in order to further the student experience at Idaho State University. This last year alone, we were able to send our marching band to the Big Sky Conference Tournament, advocate for a Career Path Internship wage increase, and work with our student government counterpoints at University of Idaho to bring back the King Spud Trophy.

I look forward to our next year in senate and we continue to strive to improve our school and our campus. The ROAR Party has many exciting projects and ideas in the works, including improving the student textbook buying experience, simplifying ASISU finances, and continuing to support clubs and student activities. This year, I strive to improve the visibility of ASISU on campus and increase student awareness of the services and opportunities provided by our student government. With support from our wonderful student body, we can continue to work to improve Idaho State University.



College of Business

Derek Adams, R.O.A.R Party 

Hello! My name is Derek Adams and I am running for the College of Business Senator. I am majoring in Finance, Economics, Marketing, and Management. My platform for senator is built on three principles: a stronger school culture, a legacy of tradition, and more professional development opportunities to differentiate COB graduates as professionals who exude excellence in the workplace.

First, I will increase funding and incentives for attending club, professional, and social events to boost campus culture and the sense of connectedness among students.

Second, I will work towards promoting University traditions, such as True Bengal night, exam week traditions, sporting event traditions, annual events, and more to create a reputation that attracts students who value tradition.

Third, I plan to work with professors to strengthen and increase COB professional development opportunities so that its students will stand out when they graduate, helping COB graduates stand out in the job market and achieve faster career growth. 

I'm running for Senator because I will represent you, address your concerns, and help you achieve your goals the best I can. Please vote Derek for COB Senator!




College of Education

McKalee Brugeman R.O.A.R Party 

Hello everyone, my name is McKalee Bruegeman and I am running to be your ASISU College of Education Senator. I am currently a sophomore majoring in Elementary Education with an emphasis in English. The overall reason for running as your ASISU College of Ed Senator is to help communicate between College of Ed students, administration, and faculty. To represent all students in the College of Education, acting as an advocate between the administration and the student body. As someone who is passionate about teaching the future of us, I am excited to implement my passion to advocate for the teachers of tomorrow. I will aim to bring those skills to ASISU and empower the students in the College of Education at Idaho State University. 

Isai Mendoza

As a member of the College of Education, I want to help spread word about what we have to offer and show people the wonders of our programs. Education might not be the most lucrative field, but having individuals willing to help in the success of our future students is key to a brighter future. Not only do I want to spread the word and represent the College of Education, but I also want to be able to represent all students as a Senator. Last fall, we had our retention rate be 70% which is great by our standards, but compared to the other Universities in Idaho, we fall short. I want to help make decisions and support ideas that help invest in our current students and give students a reason to stay. For how great our academic, campus, and resources available are, we can’t seem to have students want to stay here at the same rate as our competing universities. Having a voice and taking students' opinions and working with ASISU President and Vice-President directly allows for everyone’s voice to be heard.


College of Pharmacy

Duncan Andrus, R.O.A.R Party 

Hi, my name is Duncan, I am a current PharmD/MBA student and I am running for the senator position for the College of Pharmacy. I am the communications vice president elect and have involved myself in activities within the college of pharmacy. I would like to see better collaboration across the Meridian, Anchorage, and Pocatello campuses in the college. If elected I would advocate for an engagement app that would promote communication across clubs and College of Pharmacy organizations. Vote me and the R.O.A.R. party on March 13 th .

College of Graduate Studies

Lexi Jorgenson, R.O.A.R. Party

Throughout my time here at ISU I have learned the true meaning of determination and hard work. I have taken an average of 20 credits each semester, and I am graduating a few years early with a bachelor's in Paralegal Studies. I am the current College of Technology Senator, and I have been working on easing the difficult application process for bachelor's programs within the college. As a Student Senator, I will continue to act as a voice for the students in my college. I will collaborate with other senators to accomplish bigger goals. I want to inspire students to push their limits and to do more. I am running for Graduate School Senator because I feel like I could benefit the graduate students. I want to create and continue an environment where the students' voices are being heard. This next year, I want to promote an influx of kindness at ISU through multiple outlets. Most of all, I would love to continue to serve and to do great things for this University.

Rituraj Yadav, R.O.A.R. Party

Rituraj Yadav, the current Senator for Graduate Studies and an international student pursuing an MS in Environmental Science, is running for the Senator for Graduate Studies position with the ROAR Party at ASISU to enhance the student experience. He is focused on, but not limited to, working on three things:

1) Graduate Research and Travel, 2) Graduate Mentorship and Guidance with ISU Alumni, and 3)Sustainability.

As a current senator, Rituraj is working on creating a Graduate Travel Fund as a line item in ASISU to maximize efforts in ensuring every graduate student can present their research and network with experts in their field. He is also in the process of building a mentorship program where a graduate student would be paired with an ISU alumni in their field, providing them with professional guidance and support.

In addition to academics, Rituraj is committed to helping the university become carbon neutral. He believes that ISU, as a temple of education, plays a vital role in educating future generations about living sustainably and it is now time to take action to reverse the permanent damage being done to the earth.

For these reasons, Rituraj asks for your vote. He promises to work for and with you.


Xavier Jenkins,  Dropkick Party

As a Senator for Graduate Studies during the 2021-2022 school year, I was part of an amazing senate that created three grants supporting graduate and undergraduate student professional development and research. As a third year PhD student, I know firsthand how important opportunities to attend conferences, workshops, or field schools can be. I am running for senator again this year to create more opportunities for the professional development of graduate and undergraduate students alike. Go Bengals! 

Abeer Al-quarishi

I am running for a graduate studies senator position again because I accomplished some of the service objectives that I had planned for last semester, including scholarships for graduate students. During last semester, I aimed to distribute scholarships equally between graduate students enrolled in master and doctoral programs. For this goal I succeeded in gaining the approval from the graduate students’ dean and scholarship director.

My plan for the following semester is to expand resources and services to graduate students including more opportunities of CPI positions in their departments. To do so, I will help the departments to write grants to expand their budget for CPI positions. I will conduct a survey to determine the needs of graduate students, and allocate funds to meet those needs. I will create a graduate student consulting position to work closely with students on future internships and employment. In order to accomplish this plan, I will create a network between the ISU career center, the international office and off campus employment agencies. Through creating a graduate club that hosts a variety of events, I will create a plan to connect graduate students.


College of Health Professions

Neelam Mishra, R.O.A.R. Party

I am running for the position of senator in the Associated Students of Idaho State University, representing the College of Health Science. As a passionate and dedicated public health major, I am running for this position with a clear vision to improve the student experience and advocate for the health and wellbeing of our campus community. One of my key goals as a senator will be to enhance health and wellness initiatives on campus. I plan to work with student groups, university departments, and community organizations to create opportunities for students to engage in healthy activities, such as exercise and healthy eating programs. I also want to ensure that students have access to quality health care and mental health services, and I will work to improve the coordination and availability of these resources. Another important area of focus for me will be to promote public health education and advocacy on campus. I want to increase student involvement in advocacy efforts and community outreach initiatives, and to raise awareness about important public health issues. I believe that the next generation of public health professionals has a crucial role to play in shaping the future of our communities, and I am committed to empowering our fellow students to become leaders in this field. Thank you for considering my candidacy. I look forward to the opportunity to serve and represent College of Health Science.


Neelam Mishra


Peyton Kolb,  R.O.A.R. Party

Hi, I’m Peyton. I am running to be a senator for the College of Health professions in the ROAR party! I am studying Communications Sciences and Disorders to become a Speech-Language Pathologist. I’m involved in NSSLHA and ASL club, and I love swimming and skiing, and making new friends. I want to be your Senator for Health Professions so that as a college, we can work to have more accessible resources, gain more experience, and find friends, peers, and colleagues with the drive to create a healthier world. As the future of healthcare, those of us studying in this college, (with huge diversity of occupations) have in common a desire to improve the lives of people everywhere, and resonate with the energizing, fulfilling future ahead of us. I want to advocate and help to lead the college in this fashion, utilizing the diversity and drive we possess to better ISU as a whole. I value respect and organization, and want to bring my fresh perspective and skills to ASISU. Please vote for me via Bengal Web March 13th. Go Bengals! 



Bhawana Nepal

I am Bhawana Nepal, an international student studying medical laboratory sciences and set to graduate in the spring of 2024. I am running for the Senator position in the College of Health Sciences at ASISU. I am passionate about improving the student experience and am eager to use my voice to advocate on behalf of my fellow students. As a Senator, I believe it is important to prioritize initiatives that support student well-being and create a vibrant campus community. Mental health is a crucial aspect of student success, and I am committed to increasing funding for mental health resources and raising awareness about the importance of mental health. Additionally, I believe that student engagement is key to creating a thriving campus environment. I will work to create new initiatives and programs that encourage students to get involved and make the most of their college experience. Finally, I understand the financial burden that comes with pursuing higher education, and I am dedicated to advocating for policies and initiatives that support affordable education and make college more accessible to students. Therefore, I am confident in my ability to serve as an effective and responsive Senator, and I would be honored to have your support. I ask for your vote as I strive to improve the student experience and create a better future for our community.

College of Science and Engineering

Pratham Khanal, Dropkick Party 

I am Pratham Khanal, a present ASISU senator and a candidate for College of Science and Engineering. ASISU has always been a wonderful place for me to utilize the opportunities of leadership and teamwork. 


I am majoring in Computer Science and particularly interested in Data Science and Machine learning. Some of my contributions in the college is making a good relationship between clubs in CoSE and ASISU. I believe that academic clubs play a major role to increase the skills and leadership in the area. I want to stand for the position of senator for the College of Science and Engineering because I want to make more contributions to academic-oriented clubs in the college. Providing more opportunities to the students on-campus to present their talent is very necessary and clubs play a major role in it. Helping the clubs to grow is not only beneficial for students, but also helps in building the teacher-student relationship. Increasing/Enhancing the campus experience through funding and programs is what I want to give the contribution on if I am elected again as a Senator for Science and Engineering.


Sansar Kharal, Dropkick Party

My name is Sansar Kharal. I am running as a candidate for Senator of College of Science and Engineering for ASISU. Being a part of ASISU will give me a chance to connect and collaborate with other students in ISU. I will get a chance to learn the skills of leadership if I will be elected for this position. My major is Electrical Engineering and I am planning to do a minor in Computer Science, I want to provide services to these two fields and others too by being a senator.  This position will provide me a chance to represent and work for students of my fields. Right now I am in my junior years of my college, Therefore this is a wonderful opportunity and time for me to run for this position and learn from this position. I will be able to expand my professional network and enhance the learning environment which will be beneficial for my career ahead. Already being able to be a part of this election and getting a chance to represent my academic college among students feels wonderful. This position will somehow enable me to experience life at college and in the real world too. I will get to learn more about responsibility, problem-solving and make my communication skills better than before. Being able to be part of a student's organization will obviously have positive effects on a student's experience, that's why I am so much interested. 




Ella Bunde,  R.O.A.R. Party

Hi everyone! I'm Ella Bunde, a Biochemistry major with a plan to graduate in December 2024 and then go to medical school. I hope you make me your ASISU senator for the College of Science and Engineering (COSE) in order to magnify your voice and concerns to university leadership. My major goal as your senator would be to facilitate student-centered communication between the departments of COSE. There are many difficult aspects of science-centered degrees, but class schedules should not be high on that list. I aim to facilitate student-centered discussions with the COSE departments and to bring ISU students' best interests to the table. As a member of the ROAR party, I am also passionate about creating an affordable way to access materials for class and creating jobs on campus that have competitive pay for opportunities that help advance your careers. Three fun facts about me are 1) if I'm not in class or working, I'm likely baking (my favorite things I've made were a frog birthday cake and a giraffe neck cake), 2) I am a certified pharmacy technician, and 3) I have a cat named Dextroamphetamine. I am currently the President of the Pre-Health Professions Association club (PHPA), as well as a member of the Chemistry Club and the Sustainability club. I hope you ROAR your way into this next amazing year at ISU with me as your College of Science and Engineering Senator!

Aspen Brown, R.O.A.R. Party

Hi, my name is Aspen Brown. I am running for the College of Science and Engineering Senator Position for the upcoming school year. I am currently double majoring in Biology with a concentration in Biomedical Sciences and Global Studies with a concentration in U.S. and World Affairs on the pre-medicine track. I was previously a Supreme Court Justice for ASISU and am excited for the opportunity to run for Senate! I love being involved on campus and have been as a Resident Assistant, Research Assistant, and in several student organizations. I want to channel this passion into creating substantive change that is long-lasting.  My primary goal is to forge more connections between the different departments within the College of Science and Engineering to create a sense of synergy. This would include more department wide events and opportunities for students and faculty to interact. I also want to promote more transparency in our implemented public policy, assuring that every student is reflected by it. I am grateful to be running as a member of the ROAR Party and am looking forward to the future we will create. 

Saugat Acharya

My name is Saugat Acharya, and I am running for the senator of the College of Science and Engineering at Idaho State University. I believe that I am the right person for this position because I have a deep passion to work for the College of Science and Engineering, as well as a strong commitment to the betterment of our college community. Being involved in various student organizations, I deeply know what it means to be involved and what it takes to succeed in campus. I want to ensure that every club are given the funds necessary for them to function and make students involved. I have gained a strong understanding of the issues that our students face and the improvements that can be made. As your senator, I promise to be a strong voice for the College of Science and Engineering and will work to ensure that our college is given the resources and support it needs to succeed. I want to work to improve the communication between students, faculty, and administration. I want every student on campus to have every opportunity that makes them involved, and which will make a difference in their college experience. I ask for your vote so that I can represent you, the students at the College of Science and Engineering, and work to make our college the best it can be. Thank you.

College of Technology

Ryan Glass, R.O.A.R Party 

Hello, I’m Ryan Glass. I am a freshman in the College of Technology at. On campus, I am a part of Tau Kappa Epsilon. I am currently in the aviation program, so I take classes at the Pocatello Regional Airport! When I am not in class or during homework I like to go hang out with the boys and go skiing and just have a good time whenever I can! I look forward to running for Senate and running with the R.O.A.R. party! I want to make education accessible to everyone, and I believe that raising student wages is a must when it comes to improving the quality of student life! I’m a part of the R.O.A.R. party. Our three areas of priorities are: resources, community, and collaboration.

Resources: Equitable Access to Textbooks. Feel supported with an equitable access to textbook model where one price gives you access to all of your textbooks the first day of class.

Community: Raising Student Wages. Be paid a livable wage, so you can stay in school and get where you need to be after graduation when the R.O.A.R. party leverages existing business partnerships, consolidates unfilled CPI positions, and encourages departments to apply to external funding opportunities.

Collaboration: ISU Engagement App. Reimage life on campus where games, club events, research, internships, and more are at the tip of your fingers, thus closing communication and awareness gaps.

Vote Ryan & Voice your ROAR March 13-17.




R.O.A.R. Party

You gotta make the choice. To take the chance. To make the change. That’s what the R.O.A.R party is all about. The R.O.A.R. party is respectful, organized, actionable, and reflective of the students' needs. These four pillars represent how we plan to make the students' experience at ISU better. Our three areas of priorities are: resources, community, and collaboration.

Resources: Equitable Access to Textbooks. Feel supported with an equitable access to textbook model where one price gives you access to all of your textbooks the first day of class.

Community: Raising Student Wages. Be paid a livable wage, so you can stay in school and get where you need to be after graduation

when the R.O.A.R. party leverages existing business partnerships, consolidates unfilled CPI

positions, and encourages departments to apply to external funding opportunities.

Collaboration: ISU Engagement App. Reimage life on campus where games, club events, research, internships, and more are at the tip

of your fingers, thus closing communication and awareness gaps.

The R.O.A.R. party has experience, leadership, and vision. We will continue this year’s work to promote Benny’s Funding to support student research and club events, advance sustainability efforts, and work with the Alumni Center to build a multi-stage mentorship program. We have leaders representing all parts of campus. And, our vision will continue to build a place where students feel supported to learn, work, and discover possibilities. Most importantly, we want students to be able to #ROARTogether on campus and excel after graduation.

Don’t ignore. Voice your ROAR March 13-17.


Drop Kick Party 

The DropKick Party is a party that is focused on creating a vivid and fun on campus experience, where the diverse peoples and interests on campus can come together in interesting and innovative ways. Whether through support of cultural student organizations, professional organizations, hobby groups, or ISU athletics the goal of our party is to bring together candidates for ASISU that care about a thriving on campus community where students can show off their talents and celebrate together. To facilitate these needs, the number one priority of The DropKick Party is to distribute funding and provide welcoming environments for all student organizations. ASISU sees over $1,000,000 in funding each year. Our goal is to, through the proper procedures, see that students see this funding materialize on campus. By voting for DropKick you will see change. Our secondary goal is to ensure that these student groups have the proper environments to conduct their activities. This includes club frat/sorority houses, club rooms, department support, and event planning. Furthermore, the Dropkick party aims to increase student involvement to athletic events and performing arts. By inspiring student involvement, we believe that we can find our school spirit here at ISU. If you want to see meaningful change, more funds spent on you, and more life on campus: Vote DropKick!