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Online General Scholarship Application Help

Below are a few tips to help you complete the General Scholarship Application in the Bengal Online Scholarship System (BOSS).

Sign In

You must use the same ISU username and password that you use to log in to MyISU.

Students new to ISU must first activate their ISU account based on the information provided by ISU Admissions (once completely admitted) noted in your admissions letter.

General Application

The General Application is very brief. You must answer all “required” questions to be considered for scholarships.

Applying to Scholarship Opportunities

Once the questions on the General Application are answered, you are automatically matched to scholarships for which you meet the criteria. No other action is needed for these scholarships.

You will then be presented with a list of recommended scholarship opportunities. These scholarships require additional information that is not included in the General Application. You are encouraged to click on each scholarship name to review the criteria. We encourage you to apply for scholarships if you meet the additional requirements.

Providing References

Not all scholarships require letters of reference.

If a reference letter is needed, you will be prompted to enter the individual’s full name and email address. It is an expectation that you respectfully request permission to use an individual as a reference prior to entering their contact information.

Once the contact information is entered, an email is immediately sent to the individual with instructions for completing the reference letter. Please encourage a timely response from your reference.

You will not be able to view the submitted reference letter, only that it has been received.

You have 7 days after that particular scholarship opportunity deadline to receive your letter of reference; however we strongly encourage you to request/receive these as early as possible.

Once a reference letter has been added to the system on your behalf, you will be able to use it for multiple scholarship opportunities.

Entering Essays

Not all scholarships require an essay. If an essay is required, you will be prompted with the essay subject and text area in which to enter your essay.

We encourage you to use word processing tools to confirm that your essay is grammatically accurate (spelling and punctuation).

You may preview the content of your essay to ensure that no unusual formatting occurs after copy/paste from another program.

Keep in mind that you can copy/paste the same essay into other “Scholarship Opportunities.”

Make sure you are answering the questions asked of you for each essay.

Imported ISU Information

Once your General Application is completed, your ISU personal, contact and academic information is imported from the ISU’s enterprise information system (EIS). Located under the “Application Record” of your General Application.

Updating ISU Information

You cannot update the information on this section of the application. If you have concerns about the information in the imported fields, you must contact the appropriate authority to make any necessary updates:

Personal Information

Personal information may include name, date of birth, gender, race/ethnicity and more.

A student can change personal information relevant to his or her permanent record in the Registrar's Office. Identification is required for all changes, and legal documentation is required in some cases.

Most name changes are a result of marriage or other legal matter. To make an official name change a student must provide identification and legal documentation of the change. An example might be a marriage license or divorce decree. The Registrar’s Office must make a copy of the original document before submitting the official change to the university.

Contact Information

Contact information may include addresses, phone numbers or email addresses.

Most contact information can be changed online through MyISU.

Admissions Record

Information is provided from your Admissions application. Please ensure you have submitted official transcripts and test scores.

If you would like to verify information, please contact the appropriate admissions office:

  • Undergraduate Admissions– (208) 282-2475
  • Graduate School– (208) 282-2150

Academic Record

Your academic record may include ISU credits, ISU cumulative GPA, your program, grade level, or major.

The Registrar's Office handles all matters related to a student’s permanent record at Idaho State University.

This includes official grades, original admissions documentation, grade changes, incomplete grade removals and the posting of transfer credit.

For more information or questions please feel free to contact the Registrar’s Office via email at reginfo@isu.edu.

Contact your major department or college for requests to change your major.

Financial Aid Record

Your Financial Aid record may include your Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) application date and Estimated Family Contribution (EFC).

The FAFSA is available after October 1 annually (for the next academic year).

New and continuing ISU students are encouraged to complete the FASFA annually by March 1. ISU’s school code is 001620.

For questions about the FAFSA application, please contact the Financial Aid office at (208) 282-2756 or email finaidem@isu.edu.