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Guidelines for Writing Thank You Letters

If you received the offer in the Bengal Online Scholarship System (BOSS) please submit thank you letter according to instructions provided.

Upon receipt, your Thank You letter(s) will be reviewed for appropriateness, grammar and spelling by the Stewardship Office in the ISU Foundation, copied for the files, then mailed to the donor(s) or contacts.  If the Foundation office should have any questions about your letter or need you to re-submit the letter, the Stewardship Coordinator will contact you.

An example of a Thank You Letter

We strongly encourage your letter to be typed in a font style that is easy to read and suggest using a font size of 10 to 12.

Thank you cards or small note cards are not acceptable.

Use a standard informal blocked letter format. An example of this format is provided below.

Please include a formal salutation such as:

  • Dear Dr. and Mrs. Smith– For individuals
  • Dear Pres. Smith– For corporations and companies
  • Dear Scholarship Committee– For Foundation

Note: Your official letter mailed to you OR the information in the Bengal Online Scholarship System (BOSS) will provide you with the name to address.  Please make sure you have addressed the appropriate individual(s) as indicated in the correspondence.

Check List:

  • Write a 50 to 100 word personal thank you for their contribution and support.
  • Share how this scholarship is making a difference in your life.
  • Share information regarding your interests, activities, planned major, goals, etc.
  • DO NOT include your scholarship $ amount in the content of your Thank You Letter.
  • Carefully proofread your letter and make sure there are no spelling or grammatical errors.
  • Hand or digitally sign your letter (if submitting in BOSS, please type your name at the end of your letter).

Enclose your letter(s) with your acceptance form(s) if mailed and send them to:

ISU Scholarship Office
921 S. 8th Ave., Stop 8391
Pocatello, ID 83209-8391