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The Visual Compliance Foreign Travel Review Form

Use ISU’s Export Control application, Visual Compliance (VC).

VC Opens to the Deemed Exports and Hand-Carried module login screen.

Log-in with your original ISU email account and Visual Compliance password. First time login?  See below.

Which form?  Pick Travel option. 

What Information to Provide?  Follow these directions to complete the form.




Foreign Travel Form Field Names 

 Information Needed   ❯  = required

 New Case Name

Name your trip (ex: Paris conference, UK Library trip, collaboration in Italy)


Select your name from the list 


Allow this to default, or pick your ISU area from: Arts and Letters, Business, Education, Health Sciences, Science and Engineering, Research, Technology or University Administration (includes Athletics) 

 Event Dates

Enter the full dates of your travel; Include personal time before/after or during the trip; ignore Start/return times 


IGNORE this section, each traveler must complete their own foreign travel form. May list spouse. Caveat: If leading a student group, upload a list of student names, but do not list as companions. 

Applicant comments

List external funding, by institution invitation, teaching agreement, under MOU. Upload invitations, agreements. 

 Country/countries of destination

Click  in right corner; PICK the country for ALL countries you are traveling to, save after each pick. 

 Company to be visited

List the official name of the institution(s) you are visiting (business, institute, university, hospital, etc.). Do not abbreviate. 

Detail for Purpose of trip

If attending a conference: give full name of conference and its dates 

 Identification of laptop to be carried, if applicable (M/N, S/N)

List any computer, phone, tablet or external memory to be carried.  Some countries limit devices, or require licenses to carry in country and return to U.S. Provide ISU tag or service number. 

 List all foreign companies, organizations or persons being visited

Use this field to List the full names of contacts with their titles (if known). Developing a collaboration agreement? Name persons with their position and institution. No need to list conference attendees in sessions or lectures. 

❯ Summarize all of your intended discussions and activities with Foreign Persons

If meeting specific persons, provide the topic or subject area* you will be discussing, researching, presenting together, etc. 

❯ Brief description of any data, documentation, equipment or media to be taken out of the U.S.

The information, technical data, or specialized software, if any, on a laptop or tablet traveling with you. Include special instruments, biological samples, medical mission supplies. Report items to be carried in quantity, ex: ISU "swag" 

❯ Are you traveling with electronic or hard copy data that is Protected Health Information, personally identifiable information including SSN, bank account numbers, credit card numbers for anyone other than yourself?

Yes/No (This includes grading and student course documents that identify individuals) 

❯ Are electronic devices encrypted?

Yes/No (This is not a recommendation to encrypt. This needs to be known for some countries) 

First Time Login to Visual Compliance?

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