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Dr. Craig Chatriand

Assistant Vice President and Dean of Students

(208) 282-2794

Dean of Students Homepage


Dr. Rick Pongratz

Director of Counseling and Testing

(208) 282-2130

Counseling and Testing Homepage


Karina Rorris

Disability Services Director


Disability Services Homepage


Stephanie Foreman

Student Care and Assistance Coordinator

(208) 282-2315

Student Care and Assistance Homepage


James Martin

Director of Financial Aid

(202) 282-2341

Financial Aid Homepage


Deb Green

Director of Scholarships

(208) 282-3779

Scholarships Homepage


Stacey Gibson

Title IX Coordinator   

(208) 282-3973

Title IX Homepage


Craig Thompson

Director of University Housing

(208) 282-2120

Housing Homepage


Todd Johnson

Director of Veteran Student Services Center

(208) 282-4298

Veteran Student Services Center Homepage


Dr. Lance Erickson

Career Center Director

(208) 282-2380

Career Center Homepage


Henry Evans

Office of Equity and Inclusion


Office of Equity and Inclusion Homepage


Marc Pino

Director of Public Safety

(208) 282-2515

Public Safety Homepage