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“As a freshman, the ISU music faculty saw something in me that I couldn’t see, and helped me find it. I would not have survived the audition process or made it into Juilliard without the guidance of the ISU music faculty.” 

Mal Layne, ISU Honors Bachelor of Music '22 | Trombone master’s student at Juilliard

ISU band members of the flute section play their flutes at a performance

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ISU's Department of Music offers a Bachelor of Music in Commercial Music, Bachelor of Science in Music, Bachelor of Arts in Music, and Bachelor of Music Education. These comprehensive programs cover instruments, theory, composition, education, history, and technology. Students can also add a music minor to their non-music degrees.

Embark on a journey of musical exploration, engaging in festivals, workshops, competitions, and performance opportunities. Join ensembles in brass, percussion, keyboards, woodwinds, voice, choir, orchestra, strings, and bands.

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Meet Our Faculty

Studying music at ISU means joining a vibrant musical community that fosters collaboration and support. The program offers exceptional educational opportunities, internationally renowned faculty, and a wide range of performance experiences. Students are encouraged to unleash their creativity, break through self-imposed limitations, and discover their true potential.

Idaho State University's music program has successfully guided its graduates towards prestigious music schools, and career opportunities, setting them on a path to thriving careers in the music industry. With exceptional educational opportunities, dedicated faculty, and a supportive musical community, ISU continues to nurture and develop talented musicians who go on to make significant contributions to the field of music.

Meet Our Faculty

Professor of voice, Diana Livingston Friedley sits at the piano smiling up at her voice student, who is standing next to the piano. They are in a small studio space.
close up of ISU student singing at a microphone. He is holding a guitar.

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Students have the unique chance to create and record original works through City Creek Records, our record label, gaining valuable industry experience.

Beyond the campus, our students actively contribute to the local music scene, enriching the community through performances, collaborations, and outreach initiatives. Their passion and talent play a vital role in fostering appreciation for music's transformative power.

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City Creek Records

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Important information

We are the only program in the state of Idaho that offers scholarship to non-majors. Contact the department for information.

You must apply to ISU and apply to the music department. For information visit this page or please contact the department.






Why Study Music at ISU?

Bachelor of Arts/Science in Music

  • Comprehensive liberal arts/science emphasis with music
  • Prepares for private studio instruction, graduate programs in Theory, Musicology, Library Science, Music Therapy, electronic arts

Bachelor of Music Education

  • Public school certification (K-12) in band, orchestra, and choir

Bachelor of Music Performance

  • Prepares for graduate study, orchestra/band auditions, and university-level teaching

Bachelor of Music Performance in Commercial Music (NEW!!)

  • Emphasis in classical and jazz applied studies, with audio/recording technology and composition components; create, produce, and record your own full album

Minor in Music

  • Supplements any other ISU major with creative expression and self-motivation

Ensemble Participation

  • Bands/choirs/orchestras are open to all ISU students, regardless of major/minor; continue to follow your passion for music WITH SCHOLARSHIPS!

Popular Career Options

  1. Accompanist
  2. Arts Administrator, Board Member, Manager
  3. Booking Agent
  4. Church Musician
  5. Composer, Lyricist
  6. Concert Management
  7. Copyist
  8. Copyright Lawyer
  9. Critic
  10. Community Arts 
  11. Director
  12. Film/Music Editor
  13. Instrument Design/Marketing
  14. Instrument Maker, Repair
  15. Marketing 
  16. Music Publishing, Retail
  17. Music Therapy
  18. Musicologist/Ethnomusicologist
  19. Museum Music Curator
  20. Notation Software Engineer
  21. Orchestra Conductor, Executive Director, Personnel Manager
  22. Orchestral Musician
  23. Performing Artist (Solo)
  24. Piano Tuner
  25. Producer
  26. Program Note Writer
  27. Radio D.J.
  28. Recording Artist/Agent, Recording Engineer, Sound Engineer
  29. Teacher/Professor
  30. Transcription Artist
  31. Venue Crew Manager/Operations