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Commercial Music

The ISU Music Department is thrilled to present our brand-new bachelor's degree in Commercial Music! The Commercial Music program prepares graduates for careers in today's music world. This is the only Commercial Music program in the state of Idaho and it's one of the most demanding and innovative degrees in the region.
 Students study performance, recording, mixing, production, composition, arranging, band-leading, and multi-disciplinary collaboration. The student-centered curriculum builds toward a capstone project in the student's senior year. Majors must create and produce an original full-length album or a similar large-scale project. The capstone project is the culmination of everything they learn at ISU, and it is something they can utilize to further their own careers after graduation. Students retain full rights and ownership of all materials filmed and recorded at ISU as part of this program.
 Commercial music students working in the studio with Prof. Armstrong
To learn more about the program, please email Professor Jonathan Armstrong, Director of Jazz Studies and Commercial Music, at jonathanarmstrong@isu.edu.

Video Showcase

Check out these recent videos and recordings from ISU Commercial Music Majors!

Parking Violation

Funk tune by student trombonist Mal Layne, featuring Commercial Music faculty and students.

These Days

Beautiful pop song by commercial music student, Claire Smedley.

Street Cred

Original composition by guest artist, guitarist Corey Christiansen, as part of the Commercial Music guest artist residency where ISU students rehearse and record with professional musicians.


Sprawling jazz composition for sextet by commercial music student, pianist Adam Redd.

Human Vibes

Bossa tune by student guitarist Jesse Malloy, featuring the 2021 Commercial Music Ensemble.

Unknown Caller

Beautiful jazz song by Orla O'Connor inspired by bird song.

Commercial music students working in the studio - Come to ISU! Make an Album!

Commercial Music Students Rehearsing and Performing