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Idaho State University

Idaho State University Bengal Marching and Pep Bands

 2020 Bengal Marching Band!

Hello all!  Welcome to our Bengal Marching Band website! 


Fall football season canceled, but a SPRING one is in the works. Please read on for the new plan:

BAND CAMP IS CANCELED. All dorms open (as usual) on Wednesday and we encourage you to move in on this date or after.  IF YOU ARE COMING FROM A FAR DISTANCE and can only arrive on Tuesday, email me and I will help out.  Food will also not be provided as was on the schedule.  New students should attend all New Student Orientation events.
1.  Marching band is now (this year) a FULL YEAR commitment.  We will begin rehearsals on Monday during our normally scheduled class time.  We will meet Mondays and Wednesdays in Holt Arena to learn the packet of music. (NO FRIDAYS) Each day will have a warm up (10 min), 30 minute sectional, 30 minute full band.  If the school goes online, rehearsals will cease.  You keep the money.
2.  In the Spring, we will have between 2 and 3 rehearsals (total) to brush up the music, and then perform in the stands during the 4 home games.  It will be a straight-up, no frills, pep band (with colorguard), no "halftime" show, probably still doing a pre-game from the stands (with the star spangled banner).  We will still utilize the drum majors conducting and a full drumline.
3.  SCHOLARSHIPS WILL BE DIVIDED, half in the fall, half in the Spring.  This is just like the other ensembles on campus.  If spring football is canceled, you will all get your Spring half of scholarship regardless (assuming you are still an ISU student with the 2.0 required GPA).  Go to class!!!
4.  PEP BAND will be a separate entity, only 12-15 students will be allowed in basketball games, so we'll deal with logistics of that later (i.e. rotating students, you will all have less performances).  Students participating in the pep band, and attending the required number of games, will get the $300 scholarship. The current packet is most of the pep band music.  Pep band shirts will be provided (same as last year). 
5.  We will make a decision on what to wear at Spring Football games later.  Everyone needs to have an official band hat and shirt for now.   We will still have them for sale on the first day of school.  We'll have gloves, too.  Instruments are free to check out as long as they are brought back in excellent condition.
6. Monday, Aug 17 will be used to check in, check out instruments, purchase hats and shirts, etc.  First music rehearsal Wednesday Aug. 19.  You will be assigned a seat in the Blue section.  DRUMLINE will begin placement and first rehearsal on MONDAY, then you will get your stuff.
7.  I know some (or many) of you may be disappointed with this arrangement.  Please know that we are trying to do what is best for all of you by providing a performance space and opportunities, keeping the credit alive, and providing a sense of community for all of us.  None of this is ideal.  I am perpetually planning for things that get canceled then resurrected in a different form, then canceled again.... #2020
The SIGN UP link has been sent to your email if you want to take this weird journey.
I hope you all do.

COVID:  A lot of new information is coming out in the next few weeks about how to create the safest possible rehearsals and performances.  The size of the Holt Arena, when paired with masks and social distancing, does work in our favor.  We will be creating a new warm-up block (arcs are now bad) and ways of sanitizing and cleaning the instruments and storage room.  Masks are requried on campus and in the Arena at all times when not playing.

HERE'S HOW YOU CAN HELP:  Please sign up for MUSP 1179 as soon as possible.  I will send the google doc to all of you who signed up to get your summer information.   After July 10, we'll contact you all with the latest word and hopefully be able to send out packets.  We will also send out information about leadership and drum majors at that time.  DATES for band camp are posted on our website as well as our games and festival dates.

INCOMING FRESHMEN will be contacted when you return your scholarship acceptance forms (sometime in May).  Want a scholarship to play in the bands?  Go to and fill out the information.  We'll then send you the google doc to get your summer info.

If you have any other questions, please send me an email!


The Bengal Marching and Pep Bands at Idaho State University are one of the most dedicated, visible, and energetic organizations at ISU.  Students perform at football and basketball games, as well as pep rallies and community events.

We hope that you will be part of our proud tradition and exciting future! Go Bengals!

Visit our FAQ to learn more about how to get involved.