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Department of Music Application and Audition Information

Steps for being accepted into our music programs:

  1. Apply to the university
  2. Apply to the music program
  3. Audition

1. Apply to ISU:

Apply to the university before applying to the music program.

The application process for admission to Idaho State University is outlined online. You must be accepted to ISU before we can offer you placement or scholarship within the music program.

2. Apply to the music program:

  • Fill out this online application form. Please contact Dr. Kloss for information about the application process at klosthom@isu.edu.

  • We will then send a request to the person you specify in the application form (either an applied instrument/voice teacher or large ensemble director) for a letter of recommendation.

  • We will contact you to schedule an audition time.  Auditions typically begin at the end of February.

3. Audition

All prospective undergraduate students who desire to become music majors or minors must be accepted by the Department of Music through a three-step entrance audition, after being accepted to the University.

Please note that auditions are a requirement for music scholarship consideration.

For more information on the audition process or if you have any questions, contact the music department at (208) 282-3636 or email music@isu.edu.

Music Department Auditions - 2024

Auditions begin on February 24th at the ISU Fine Arts Building.  Fill out an application as soon as possible.  All applicants will be contacted to schedule your audition time.  Priority auditions will continue through early May.  Summer auditions may be available upon request.  (email Klosthom@isu.edu)

***A second audition space has been opened on April 13, at Timberline High School in Boise, ID.  You may request this date on your application until April 11.  Auditions can run from 9am-2pm.  We can still arrange a time for local students on the ISU campus.

All Students Interested In Majoring/Minoring In Music Or Would Like To Receive Scholarship Must Audition.  One audition for both. Scholarships are available for anyone participating in Music Department ensembles regardless of major.

We will then send you an offer letter a few weeks after you audition.  Remember, you must be accepted to ISU to receive a letter (apply at isu.edu/apply).

More information (including suggestions) about our auditions can be found in our Music Departmental Handbook.

Students who wish to Major or Minor in music should complete all of the suggestions (except sight reading).  Students who are auditioning for "scholarship only" may do the suggestions as well, or prepare two short contrasting works (technical/lyrical).

Music Major/Minor students will also be asked to complete a Piano Placement Exam (if you have private lesson experience in piano) and a Theory Placement Exam. 

Videos can be used for those outside of Idaho or those unable to attend our Audition Day.  

Qusetions??? Feel free to contact Dr. Thomas Kloss: Klosthom@isu.edu  

Watch this video to learn more about the Department of Music.