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Guidelines - Supplies/Equipment Inventory & Surplus

Approved by the Space Committee: 15 October 2018

Guidelines & Procedures:

  1. In collaboration with Biological Sciences researchers, the stockroom manager will inventory equipment in each research lab (all labs including vacant labs) and will update inventory at least annually
    1. Inventory will include: Equipment name, owner, serial number, room number, ISU tag number.
    2. Inventory will be recorded on Google sheets and will be shared with the committee.
    3. Master list of surplus supplies and equipment will be created and will include vacant labs. That list will be posted on website for faculty to review.
    4. Supplies and equipment will remain on that surplus list for one year after which the items will be discarded.
  2. Surplus supplies & equipment
    • The Department Inventory Disposal Form created by the ISU Purchasing Department will be filled out by the faculty member for each piece of equipment to be given up by the faculty member. The form will include details such as description of equipment, ISU tag number, whether the instrument is next meeting.
    • Committee members will vote to:
      1. Redistribution of Equipment & SuppliesChemicals – items will be listed on the department surplus equipment list and posted on the website.
      2. Discard/removal of equipment – the Biology stockroom manager or department financial tech will contact the University Inventory office to have the equipment taken out of the department for disposal or recycling.

Updated list of supplies and equipment will be presented to the Space committee at the stockroom manager or Department financial tech will contact the University Inventory office to have the equipment taken out will assess whether equipment is operative. Pending the assessment Committee will determine whether equipment is surplussed or discarded.

Redistribution of Equipment & Supplies

The procedures will follow a similar strategy as above: inventory will be completed during the process detailed in “Laboratory Guideline Moves” prior to consideration of any request for surplussed supplies or equipment.

  1. The inventory list will be reviewed by the Space Committee and Biology Department Chairs during the initial relocation. Once the discussions between Space Committee and Biology Department Chairs on future use of a vacated laboratory are complete and prior to call for requests, the Space Committee Chair will work with the Biology Stockroom manager, to update a supplies and equipment inventory spreadsheet that includes vacated laboratories. See Guidelines for Equipment Inventory and Surplus for specifics of that inventory.
  2. As part of that inventory, and as specified in Guidelines for Equipment Inventory and Surplus, a Master list of surplus equipment and supplies will be maintained and posted on a web site for faculty to review and compile requests.
  3. Biology faculty calling for requests for specific supplies and equipment on the Master list will include a justification of the use of those supplies and equipment. Requests will be reviewed at the next Space Committee meeting and will include discussion from the Biology Department Chairs.
  4. Following approval of supplies and equipment request, a member of the Space Committee will work with the faculty member to supervise the transport, and will conclude with an update on existing inventory lists for supplies and equipment.

Chemical Redistribution

  1. Chemical inventory will be completed by Space Committee during the process of laboratory move as specified in “Laboratory Move Guidelines”. The Biology Stockroom manager will prepare a spreadsheet of those chemicals.
  2. An email with an attachment of the chemical inventory spreadsheet will be sent out to Biology faculty calling for chemical requests. The email will ask for requests for chemicals that will be used in a timely manner be sent to the Biology Stockroom manager by a certain date and time (a week after the email goes out).
  3. The Biology Stockroom manager will maintain a spreadsheet of the chemicals that have been requested. The spreadsheet will be discussed by the Space Committee and decisions will be made by the committee for which laboratories will receive specific chemicals, in the event that
    multiple laboratories request the same chemical).
  4. For any “Hazardous Materials”, a request must include a plan for proper transport of the material, and plan for proper storage of the material in the destination lab. The Department of Environmental Health and Safety will be consulted prior to implementation of this plan.
  5. The Biology Stockroom manager will supervise transport of chemical from the lab and deliver it to the destination lab. A Space Committee member with current Hazardous Waste training will supervise transport of any Hazardous Materials to their designated storage area in the destination lab.
  6. After the deadline for chemical requests by Biology faculty/students has passed, the list of remaining chemical inventory will be shared by other departments at ISU (Chemistry, Pharmacy, etc.). Any distribution of chemicals to those departments must be preceded by a written request for specific chemicals and the plan for transport. That list and transport plan will be reviewed by the Space Committee and Biology Department Chairs prior to release of any chemicals to an ISU Department outside of Biological Sciences. Hazardous Materials will not be considered in any such request.
  7. Chemicals that are not spoken for by the stated deadline will be stored in the (vacated) lab, or processed as hazardous waste and picked up by the Department of Environmental Health and Safety.