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Identify a Faculty Advisor & Funding

The Department of Biological Sciences requires prospective graduate students to; 1) identify a faculty advisor (tenured, tenure-track, or research professor) who agrees to accept them into their research program, and 2) to have funding identified before acceptance into the program. Review our professor directory to identify potential advisors and then initiate discussions with those professors that match your interests. This could be by email or at conferences, but it is generally best to start this process several months before applying, as openings are limited and competitive.  Connecting with professors several months before you apply can increase your chance of developing funding sources that will support your research, tuition, health care, and stipend.

Sources of Funding

  1. Grants held by your advisor,
  2. Awarded fellowships,
  3. Graduate assistantships (GTA), OR
  4. A combination of these sources.

When seeking an advisor, it is a good idea to discuss potential funding sources that they may have in place, or that you may be able to develop yourself, or cooperatively. In some cases, there is a funded project and the faculty member will advertise for a new student. In other cases, they are seeking students but do not have funding. Regardless, there are opportunities for incoming students to receive competitive recruiting fellowships or a GTA that can cover up to two years of support.


ISU Graduate School Application Enrollment:

  • April 1 - summer and fall semesters
  • November 1 - spring semester

Graduate Assistantships & Fellowships:

  • December 1 - early offer deadline
  • January 15 - regular offer deadline

Acceptance into the program

Once you have received confirmation from a faculty member that there is funding for you and they are willing to accept you into their program, please complete the Graduate Application Process in order to be accepted by Idaho State University and then contact the department.