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Q: What is a faculty mentor?

A: A faculty mentor is your one-to-one advisor for your first year. Your faculty mentor will work with you throughout that entire first year, helping you make the transition between high school and college. Faculty mentors assist with course registration, completing FAFSA forms, signing up for housing and meals, and much more. Contact your assigned FM and see how they can assist you.

Q: Why do I have to apply to ISU?

A: Admission to ISU is required to participate in Bengal Bridge.

Q: What if I don't intend on continuing at ISU in the Fall semester, can I still apply?

A: Yes, the program hopes that you will make ISU your enrollment choice but understands that plans and opportunities can change before the fall semester begins. 

Q: When does Bengal Bridge begin and end?

A: ISU Bengal Bridge 2024 runs from Monday, June 10 to Thursday, July 25.

Q: What is the latest date I can apply for Bridge?

A: The last day that you can apply is May 1 but the program encourages you to apply as soon as possible.

Q: Can students with a GED apply?

A: Yes, however, the time between your GED and your application to Bengal Bridge may impact your eligibility for Bengal Bridge. (Students must attend Bridge during the summer between high school and college.) Contact us if you are not sure you qualify.

Q: What money can I use for this program? Can I use scholarships?

A: Pell grants, student federal loans, other federal aid, private scholarships, or personal funds can all be used. If you have questions, please contact us or the ISU Financial aid Office at Phone: (208)282-2756 or email: finaidem@isu.edu (Open M - F 8:00 am - 5:00 pm). Also, it is possible to use a scholarship but the donor or organization must agree to use the scholarship for summer funding. Scholarships for first year students at ISU are intended for the fall and spring semesters. So if you have additional questions, we encourage you to contact the ISU Scholarship Office at Phone: (208) 282 -3315 or email: scholar@isu.edu.

Q: My parent/guardian works for ISU, can I apply the employee dependent tuition reduction?

A: The Bengal Bridge tuition at $65 a credit is significantly lower than the employee dependent reduction. 

Q: Can I take more than 9 credits?

A: The maximum number of credits to take in the summer is 9 credits, but in some cases, depending on your course schedule, it is no more than 10 credits.

Q: Can I take less than 5 credits?

A: The minimum number of credits is 5 to participate in the program.

Q: Can I register for non-bridge courses?

A: No, because Bridge courses are offered at $65 per credit during the summer session and non-bridge courses are currently offered at $430 per credit.

Q: How is my class schedule determined?

A: The Bengal Bridge scheduling committee works hard to place you in courses based on your major, test scores, and dual enrollment courses. Please make sure to provide the correct information so that the committee can put you in the appropriate classes.

Q: How can I check my class schedule?

A: Your faculty mentor will help you register for classes. After you enroll in your courses, you can check your schedule by checking the My Student Profile card in MyISU. Click the My Student Profile link, select Student Schedule and select the correct term (above your picture)

Q: What if I change my major before attending Bridge?

A: Changing your major is common especially among first year students. Contact your faculty mentor as soon as possible before the program begins so that changes can be made to your class schedule. Be advised that changes are not guaranteed because classes fill up fast.

Q: How can I contact my instructor about course requirements such as textbooks, etc.?

A: Make sure to confirm your course section and then refer to our Bengal Bridge instructor page for their contact information. If you do not know how to see the course section, contact your faculty mentor or peer mentor for help.

Q: How do I get reasonable accommodation for a learning, medical, or physical disability?

A: Students can request accommodation services through the office of Disability Services.

Q: Do I have to move to Pocatello?

A: No, but all classes are offered ONLY on the Pocatello campus and attendance is expected for the entire seven week period.

Q: Can I take Classes online?

A: All courses are based on the Pocatello campus for the summer, options may be available for asynchronous online attendance. Please be aware that online options may have limited choices of courses to register for. The program promotes the value of attending in-person but acknowledges the flexibility required to accommodate students during the summer program. For more information, please call (208) 282.3662 or email the program at bengalbridge@isu.edu  

Q: Can I miss classes and go on a family vacation?

A: We strongly advise against missing class due to the rigors of the program. If you choose to go on a family vacation during the seven weeks, please communicate with your Faculty Mentor and instructors about your plans.

Q: Is on-campus housing available?

A: Yes, if you intend to stay on campus, please contact your Faculty Mentor who can assist you with the application process or apply for on-campus housing for the upcoming summer. The Housing office will then contact you via ISU email on details for move-in days.

Q: What if I change my mind to living on campus, can I cancel my housing application?

A: Yes, but please be aware that there is no housing deposit fee for signing up for housing for the summer program and if your summer housing plan changes, you MUST cancel your housing appointment by: JUNE 1 or you will be charged 50% of the summer housing cost.    

Q: Can I choose my roommates?

A: Yes, if you know someone who you wish to live with, you may be able to indicate this on the application, or send an email to reslife@isu.edu informing them who you would like to live with. You should also have the other person(s) you want to live with send a room request to the email indicating their preference to live with you.

Q: What if I want to live off-campus?

A: Bengal Bridge students are not required to live on campus; however the program suggests that you make sure your daily commute is not too long.

Q: Can I reapply?

A: Yes, you can reapply to be a mentor each academic year.

Q: Do I have to take the ACAD 1105 ST: Bengal Bridge Leadership and Development course?

A: Yes, the course is designed to help prepare you to be a mentor.

Q: What if my schedule does not allow for ACAD 1105 ST: Bengal Bridge Leadership and Development course?

A: Talk with the advisor of the mentorship program and see what other ways you can be involved in the program.

Q: Can I take the ACAD 1105 ST: Bengal Bridge Leadership and Development course in the Spring semester, instead of the fall semester?

A: Depends if the course is offered.

Q: Do I get paid as a mentor?

A: No, but if you qualify for work-study, you may be paid in the summer during the Bridge program.

Q: What employment opportunities are available?

A: It differs every year.

Q: Do all members of the program get jobs?

A: No, if we have open positions, and it is highly competitive. It depends on your experience, schedule, and qualifications.

Q: Can I apply for a tutoring position?

A: Yes, if positions are available and if you qualify.