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Q: When does Bengal Bridge begin and end?

A: ISU Bengal Bridge 2020 runs from Monday, June 15, to Friday, July 31. Due to the reduced tuition, housing, and meal costs we have negotiated for Bengal Bridge students, attendance is expected for the entire 7-week period.

Q: What is the latest date I can apply for Bridge?

A: The last day that you can apply is April 15.

Q: Is there a minimum required ACT/SAT score?

A: All students must achieve scores high enough to gain admission to the university. If you have any questions about your scores, please call us at the ISU Student Success Center (208-282-3662), email us at, or simply apply for the program and we will contact you.

Q: Can students with a GED apply?

A: Yes, however, the time between your GED and your application to Bengal Bridge may impact your eligibility for Bengal Bridge. (Students must attend Bridge during the summer between high school and college.) If you're still not sure if you qualify, just call us.

Q: What money can I use for this program? Can I use scholarships?

A: Some scholarships can be used if the donor organization agrees to summer funding. Pell grants, student federal loans, other federal aid, private loans, or personal funds can all be used. If you have questions, please contact us or the ISU Scholarship Office.

Q: Is on-campus housing available?

A: Yes, and for a reduced fee for Bridge students only. If you intend to stay in the dorms, move-in is on Sunday, June 14.

Q: What is an Academic Coach?

A: An academic coach is your one-to-one advisor for your first year. Your coach will work with you throughout that entire first year, helping you make the transition between high school and college.

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