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Earn between 5 to 9 credits toward a degree before the fall semester begins (especially helpful because science and math courses typically fill up fast in the fall semester). Tuition is only $65.00 per credit hour for recently graduated high school seniors. Tuition cost depends on the number of credit hours. The prices below do not include fees.


Bengal Bridge Tuition Savings

Number of Credits Bridge Courses Non-Bridge Courses
5 credits $325 $2,134
9 credits $585 $3,744




There are additional costs to consider for attending Bengal Bridge:

  • Housing (optional)- You are not required to live on campus, but we highly recommend it. Housing cost varies each year. Apply for housing - be sure to select the Bengal Bridge option. If not available, contact us at bengalbridge@isu.edu on when to apply.
  • Meal plans -It is required to have a meal plan if staying on campus, but special consideration can be provided for dietary or other health needs.
  • Books - Bridge instructors' priorities to keep book prices to a minimum. If you have registered for classes, you can check/ order books from the bookstore. If you are not sure, contact your Faculty Mentor for help.
  • Transportation (if living off-campus) - it is recommended that students understand and budget the cost of maintaining a vehicle, gas, and other transportation types.
  • Weekends/ Evening Events- Additional support services and activities are available for Bengal Bridge students during the summer, and the cost varies depending on the activities and campus events.


There are a few options available for you to pay for the Bridge program:

  1. Financial aid - You can use federal student aid (Pell grants and loans) to cover these costs.
  2. Pleased complete the Federal Student Aid Form (FAFSA) using 2021 tax/income information. 
  3. When requested, use the Idaho State University School Code: 001620.
  4. Loans - loans are borrowed money that must be repaid-with interest.  Learn more about loans
  5. Scholarship - Scholarships are normally not available for summer enrollment, but conditions vary depending on scholarship type and disbursement. Apply for ISU scholarships
  6. Other funds - If appropriate, utilization of personal, family, or other organizations can be used to pay enrollment costs. Examples of other funds:  Personal savings, Parents/Family members, Churches/Parent’s Job/etc. Please see your Faculty Mentor for assistance on when to apply this option.

MyISU gives students access to Student Account information and online payment.

Payment Methods Accepted On-line:

  • Credit Card - Fees may be paid on-line with VISA, Mastercard, American Express, Diner's Club, or Discover. A 2.85% convenience fee will be assessed on all credit card transactions.

  • Electronic Check (Free) - Fees may be paid on-line with an electronic check/transfer. There is no extra fee assessed for this method of payment.

  • International and Domestic Wire Payments - Fees may be paid online or by bank wire transfer. Fees may apply. Additional Information on wire payments is provided below. 

Payment Methods Accepted In-Office:

  • Cash
  • Check/Money Order - Make checks payable to Idaho State University. (Mail to - 921 S 8th Ave Stop 8219, Pocatello, ID 83209-8219)

Financial Aid Disbursements

Federal financial aid must be accepted before it can be applied to outstanding fees. Financial Aid awards are released 5 days before summer sessions start. Accepting Financial Aid