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About Bengal Bridge

The Bengal Bridge Program is a transitional academic program designed to increase college access and opportunity for recently graduated high school seniors. Our program is the largest summer bridge program in the state of Idaho. The Bengal Bridge Program is a 7-week summer term from mid-June through the end of July. Our program creates an academically strong environment rooted in general education courses combined with supplemental instruction, tutoring, faculty mentoring, and advising. Each student is placed in a small, faculty-led cohort where the student will receive;

  1. Individualized information and guidance related to academic success, 
  2. Financial literacy and financial aid proficiency,
  3. Schedule planning and course registration
  4. Acculturation to university life, and more. 

The cohort model provides each student with the opportunity to work with a dedicated and passionate faculty member and form relationships with fellow students in the cohort.

Our Vision and Mission

Vision: The Bengal Bridge program at Idaho State University is your bridge to a brighter future.

Mission: We provide access and opportunity to higher education through a supportive and inspiring learning environment. 

The program regularly includes a diverse student population. Also, a high percentage of participants are first-generation students. Further, the program assists many students with financial barriers to college enrollment by increasing their access to financial aid.