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Bengal Bridge



Early Registration for Bengal Bridge 2019

APRIL 2, 3, 4 OR 5

Did you RSVP yet? If not, please RSVP here!

We hold a special registration session just for Bengal Bridge students during ISU’s Early Registration week to help you register for summer classes in the morning. Afterwards, you will attend the Fall Welcome session, starting at 10:00 am., with the non-Bengal Bridge students, where you will go on to register for your fall classes.

Whichever day you RSVP for Early Registration will also be the day you attend the morning Bengal Bridge summer registration session. 

The morning session is mandatory for Bengal Bridge students.

Location: Pocatello campus, check-in at the Bengal Theater Lobby (Cesar Chavez Foyer)


8:00 am, Cesar Chavez Foyer


8:10 am, Salmon River Suites

BB Class Registration

8:15 am, Salmon River Suites

Check-List Completion

8:25-9:50 am, Salmon River Suites

Early Registration Welcome for Fall Registration

9:50 am, Proceed to Bengal Theatre

Lunch will be provided from 11:00 am to 2:30 pm in the Turner Dining Hall

Early Registration check-in for students who are not in Bridge starts at 10:00, but you won’t need to check in during this time because you will have already checked in during the morning session.

Students who cannot attend the morning session, please go to the Bengal Bridge table at the resource fair located in the ballroom. Starting at 11:00 a.m. An Academic Coach will help you sign up for summer classes.

Items to bring/preparations to make:

  • If you haven’t completed your FAFSA for both the 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 years, bring your 2016 and 2017 completed taxes/W-2's and your parents’ 2016 and 2017 completed taxes/W-2's . This will allow us to help you with both FAFSA documents.
  • It will also help if you go online to to sign up for your FSA ID. Your parents and you will both need to do this before you attend Early Registration if you plan to complete your FAFSA during this event. If you already have an FSA ID for yourself and your parents, please bring this ID and password with you to the event.
  • Don't have a FSA ID? Create one for you and your parent/guardian.
  • Make sure you know your Bengal username and password. Don't know? Call 208.282.4357.

We can hardly wait to see you there! Questions? Call 208.282.3662 or email us at

 The Bengal Bridge Team


About Bengal Bridge

Bengal Bridge is a 7-week summer college semester with a bonus: tuition is only $65.00 per credit hour for recently graduated high school seniors. You can earn up to 9-10 college credits, including general education courses, that count toward your degree. Small class sizes, specialized tutoring, and supplemental instruction will help you successfully transition from high school to college.

Bengal Bridge 2019 is June 10 - July 26, 2019.

Begal Bridge Students


Benefits of Participating in Bengal Bridge

  • Earn 9-10 credits toward a degree before the fall semester (especially helpful because science and math courses typically fill up fast in the fall semester)
  • Get a huge reduction in tuition for the summer semester: $585 for 9 credits instead of $3,710 (regular tuition for 9 credits)—a savings of $3,125
  • Become comfortable with the university atmosphere and culture
  • Learn essential student success skills to ease the transition into college

How can you be a part of Bengal Bridge?

  • Be a high school senior or recent graduate
  • Apply and be accepted to Idaho State University
  • Apply to Bengal Bridge Bridge before April 15.

*Both the ISU and Bengal Bridge applications need to be fully completed to be considered.*


  • Additional costs to consider are housing, a meal plan, and books. Reduced prices for both housing and meals are available, and our instructors work to keep book prices to a minimum.
  • You are not required to live on campus, but we highly recommend that they do because of additional support, campus activities, and friendships.
  • You can use federal student aid (Pell grants and loans) to cover these costs. Make sure you complete the FAFSA.


Questions or More Information?

Call the ISU Student Success Center at 208-282-3662 or email us at

Contact Us

(208) 282-3662

Rendezvous 323


  • Get ahead in college
  • Receive reduced tuition
  • Get an amazing experience

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