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Become A Peer Advisor

Consider Peer Advising

  • Are you an undergraduate student looking for a way to become a student leader?
  • Do you love helping others succeed?
  • Do you want to become a better student yourself?
  • Would you like all of this to count toward academic credit?

Office of Academic Advising is interested in helping you grow in your ability to help others, to become a better communicator, problem solver, and student by joining our advising team.

As an undergraduate Peer Advisor,  you will meet with ISU students in a one-on-one setting and help them with class scheduling, planning their degree, exploring majors, and answering a number of academic-related questions.  You will also gain insight about the university and your own major.

How to Become a Peer Advisor

All credit levels accepted (freshman, sophomore, junior, senior).  You must have a minimum 2.7 ISU GPA and successfully complete a 1 credit course, ACAD 4450 Peer Advising.

To enroll in ACAD 4450 and learn all about being a successful student, gain a behind-the-scenes understanding of ISU curriculum processes, understand our advising structure, and see how you can help other ISU students.  After successfully completing this one-semester course, you will be invited to join the Office of Academic Advising Peer Advisor team.

As an official OAA Peer Advisor, you will again register for ACAD 4450 and take the course for either 1 credit (class time, plus two hours of advising per week) or 2 credits (class time, plus four hours of advising per week).  You can receive up to a total of 6 academic credits through this class and program.

Email the instructor, Karen Fullmer at, to request permission to enroll in the course.

For information about the Peer Advisor program on the Idaho Falls campus, email Bradley Broschinsky at

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