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What students say about University Tutoring:



"She is an amazing tutor. She helps break down the content to a more relatable technique. She is open minded, patient, and very helpful. She has helped me to understand the chapters we’ve reviewed together."

"I’m loving my tutor. She assisted in my passing of the last exam and I will continue work with her for my nutrition class because of how much she’s helped me."

"Fantastic tutor. I feel at ease working with her and know that she is there for my learning and development. I appreciate the ease of communication and her patience as I learn."

"This was great! The feedback I got was extremely helpful."

"The tutor took the time to listen to my concerns and helped bring perspective to my issue. I left feeling more confident about the in class paper."

"My meeting was very helpful. I will be definitely going back."

"I got really great advice on my paper and I appreciated the critical comments as well as the complimentary comments!"

"He is very knowledgeable, and I believe his help was a key factor in helping me do well on my last physiology exam."

"Holy smokes awesome help thank you so much"