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ESOL Resources

International students on an outing in the community learning about American culture.

The Student Success Center serves all non-native speakers of English enrolled at Idaho State University. ESOL instructors focus on American language and culture for academic and professional purposes to help you succeed in your undergraduate, graduate, and training programs. We provide services including assistance with the Accent Modification Evaluation (AME) and various resources to help with adjusting to the campus environment. The AME assessment is useful for non-native speakers of English whose academic and professional success require excellent speaking skills. Those who are in medical, scientific, business and educational professions and those who wish to be Teaching Assistants working closely with Americans benefit the most from this experience.

We also offer a 3 credit course (ACAD 1106) to help international students adjust to American culture and the campus environment, one-on-one tutoring appointments,  and individual self-improvement plans. More information on these resources can be found by following the link below.