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Idaho State University

Tutoring in Idaho Falls

University Tutoring offers math, writing, and content area tutoring in Idaho Falls. All programs are located in CHE 220. For more information, please call 208-282-3662 (Pocatello) or email A pdf version of the F19 IF Tutoring Schedule is available here.

Math Tutoring

You don't need an appointment to meet with a math tutor. Just come to CHE 220 at one of the times listed below and check in and out on the computer. You'll sit down and start working on your math problems, and a tutor will be available for questions and explanations.

Fall 2019 Math Center Schedule
Monday 9:30-10:30 and 11:00-4:30
Tuesday 11:00-7:00
Wednesday 11:00-4:30
Thursday 11:00-5:00
Friday 11:00-1:00


Writing Tutoring 

Make your Writing Center appointment

The Writing Center isn't just for your English classes: you can get feedback on things like anthropology papers, biology lab reports, and scholarship applications, too! The Writing Center offers three kinds of appointments: in-Person, online, and 48-hour feedback.   

  • In-person appointments are available in Idaho Falls during the times list below. You can also "walk in" during regular tutoring hours if the tutor doesn't already have an appointment. 
  • Online appointments are available on the Pocatello appointment book between 9am-7pm on Mondays-Thursdays and 9am-3pm on Fridays.
  • 48-hour feedback appointments are available at the beginning of the day in both the Pocatello and Idaho Falls appointment books.  If you upload your paper to one of these appointment slots, a tutor will send it back to you with comments within two working days.

You'll use our online appointment book to make an appointment for any of them.  You can make a 30- minute appointment for a 1-4 page paper and a 60-minute appointment for a paper of 5 pages or more.  Online appointments are also 60 minutes long. 

Fall 2019 Writing Center Schedule 
Monday 10:00-2:00   
Tuesday 10:00-2:00  
Wednesday 10:00-2:00  
Thursday 10:00-2:00  


Content Area Tutoring in Idaho Falls

Click here for a Tutor Request Form. Content Area Tutoring offers small-group tutoring in subjects like biology, history, and Spanish. To request a tutor, fill out the PDF file or pick a paper request form up at the Tutoring office, CHE 220. Return the completed form either by

  • sending it to as an email attachment,
  • bringing it back to CHE 220 when the room is open, or
  • slipping it under the door if the room is closed.

When we receive your application, we'll see if we have any tutors for that course whose schedules work with yours.

  • If so, we'll send you an email with your tutor's name and contact information. The two of you will get in touch and, together with other members of your group, you'll decide on a time and a place to meet.
  • If not, we'll work on recruiting one and we'll email you.
  • If the class you're being tutored in is 3 credits or more, you can have up to 3 hours of tutoring per week. Some students choose to use all available hours; others are happy with one or two.

The CAT coordinator is usually in CHE 220 on Monday-Thursday mornings, but you can also email with any questions.