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About Us


University Tutoring Mission

We provide a safe environment for students from diverse backgrounds to strengthen positive academic behaviors and embrace life-long learning as a catalyst for personal and professional growth.


To promote independent learning, strengthen knowledge, develop transferable learning skills, and empower academic success in a safe and respectful environment. 


Core Institutional Values

  • Integrity: honesty in our actions and words 

  • Community: fostering connections inside and outside the university

  • Inclusivity: valuing all and building a culture of belonging  

  • Teamwork: collaborating with compassion and respect

  • Shared Responsibility: all contributing to our success 

  • Learning: continuous growth and development


University Tutoring Staff

Tawna Brockett

Tawna Brockett

Administrative Assistant




Marilee Green

Marilee Green

Administrative Assistant



Dr. Doug McGee

Doug McGee

University Tutoring Coordinator