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Tutoring FAQs

Any student can use our services! That includes those taking courses for credit, for non-credit, and dual enrollment students.

Nothing! The cost of tutoring services is included in the tuition and fees you pay as a student.

No. If you are struggling with course content, we are always here to help. Many students who come to University Tutoring are doing well in class: they just want an extra pair of eyes to look over their paper before they turn it in or help solidifying their understanding of course specific concepts.

If it is an appointment for writing support, bring your paper (hard copy or digital), the assignment prompt, and anything else you think might be useful (e.g., readings, class notes, etc.). For math and content area support, bring your notes, any handouts provided by the instructor, and your book if you are doing problems or answering questions out of it.

Our peer tutors are here to help you learn.  They are not substitutes for missed lectures and will not do coursework for you.  Instead, they are trained to guide you through your course content and assist you in arriving at your own solutions.  You can expect to have your academic support specialist's undivided attention for the entire session and for the specialist to be knowledgeable about the content area you're working on; you can expect to learn strategies for effective study and exam preparation; and you can expect to make the final decision about the work you and your tutor do during your session.

Most in-person sessions for math and writing support take place in REND 323 (Pocatello) or CHE 220 (Idaho Falls).  For content-specific tutoring, you will generally meet your tutor in a public space on campus (e.g., "3rd floor hallway in REND").  When you make your appointment, you will receive an email informing you where your tutor will be located.  Tutoring is also available by Zoom.  For math sessions, you can find the link to the Zoom room on our homepage (isu.edu/tutoring).  For all other Zoom appointments, you will receive the link in your confirmation email after you make your appointment.  You can also submit a paper online to receive written feedback (generally within 48 hours)

All appointments are made through Navigate (isu.edu/navigate). You will log in using your BengalWeb credentials. Students are also encouraged to download the Navigate App for students from the Apple Store or Google Play. This Using Navigate for Tutoring Appointments pdf will walk you through the entire process.

Most of our tutors are students just like you. They only tutor classes that they have taken before and mastered the material. Some faculty hold occasional office hours in the Student Success Center and are happy to help you even if you are not taking their class.

If it's a class offered by the University, there's a good chance we can arrange a tutor for the content!  You can search for your class and the days/times tutors are available.  If we don't have a tutor available for your class, let let us know and we will do our best to locate one.  

Please provide University Tutoring with a minimum 2-hour notice if you are unable to attend your scheduled session.  To ensure that everyone who needs access to a tutor can get one, you will be blocked from making appointments if you repeatedly cancel or miss appointments.

Generally speaking, yes. The Math Center and Writing Center are open Monday through Thursday from 10 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Friday from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. during the fall and spring semesters. We are also open during the summer on a more limited schedule (check our homepage for summer hours). In addition, tutors for high demand classes are often available later into the evening and even offer weekend hours. Support services will end every semester at 5 p.m. on the Friday before finals week and no sessions will be held during national holidays, fall and spring breaks, or Thanksgiving and Christmas breaks.

University Tutoring is committed to providing a safe and respectful learning environment.  If you have a bad experience with a tutor or a member of the tutoring staff, we want to know.  Please contact one of the following: