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Tutors of the Week: April 1 - 14


Math professor and tutor Mike


Math Tutor Pageant


Math Tutor Randy



About this week's tutors:


What did you do to take care of yourself today?
This question prompted me to dump a lot of extra creamer into my coffee.  I usually drink it black.
What was the most dangerous situation you've been in?
Driving between the Idaho Falls campus and Pocatello campus during winter storm weather.  This is always a bad idea.  Classes and work can always wait.
How do you feel about taking risk?
I remove my feelings from these kinds of decisions and do a risk versus reward analysis.




How do you contribute to a better society?
As part of my daughter's Girl Scout Silver Award, she made a cabinet that contains personal hygiene items and pet supplies.  I continue to take donations and stock the cabinet for her since she is gone to college.  This allows people who need the supplies to continue to have access to them.
What is the most unbelievable thing that's ever happened to you?
I won the same MTV contest twice.  I was a first place winner and got to go to Daytona Beach and meet Whitesnake.  When I got home from the trip, I also had a runner up prize in my mailbox, which was a signed copy of their album.
What talent do you wish you'd have?
I have always wanted to play the bass guitar.  I have never been able to afford lessons or find the time to take lessons.  I am hoping that when I retire, I will be able to learn.

Meet Our Tutor of the Week!

As we near the culmination of yet another enriching academic year, University Tutoring would like to take this moment to honor the outstanding individuals below who have contributed their expertise as peer tutors at various points over the past several years. Each of these remarkable individuals listed has left an indelible mark on our community through their dedication and commitment to helping others learn. As they prepare to graduate, we extend our warmest congratulations and best wishes for continued success in all their future adventures!

Celebrating Past and Present Tutors, Spring 2024 Graduates!


Emmanuel Arinze, Master of Healthcare Administration

Beckett Bodell, Honors Bachelor of Science, Secondary Education

Sadie Bouwens, Bachelor of Science, Health Science

Rhonan Brownfield, Honors Bachelor of Science, Engineering

Trenton Delva, Master of Counseling

Jaclyn Dunn, Hononrs Bachelor of Science, Engineering

Rylee Ellis, Associate of Arts, Communication and Public Relations

Alyssa Farnes, Honors Bachelor of Science, Geospatial Systems

Miren Gabiola, Bachelor of Music Education

Leo Gannon, Bachelor of Science, Engineering



Brooklyn Gibbons, Bachelor of Arts, Social Work

Caleb Greenwell, Master of Arts, English

Meagan Hansen, Honors Bachelor of Arts, Secondary Education

Daniel Herrera, Bachelor of Science, Biochemistry

Parker Johnson, Doctor of Physical Therapy

Audrey Mills, Bachelor of Science, Applied Mathematics

Julia Phelps, Master of Arts (Spanish) and Master of Counseling

Rylan Ricks, Bachelor of Science, Biochemistry

Mya Saiz, Bachelor of Science, Biology

Dustyn Walton, Doctor of Physical Therapy