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About Staff Council

Staff Council is an organization at Idaho State University representing all classified and non-classified employees, independent of other organizations. As representatives elected by you, the staff employees of ISU, Staff Council represents your interests and is the voice for all staff at ISU. Staff Council remains committed to working together with the administration, faculty and students for the betterment of Idaho State University. Staff Council meetings are held once a month, except during the summer when no full council meetings are held.

Hello Idaho State University Staff Members:
My name is Lisa Wise and I am excited to serve you as Staff Council President for the 22-23 academic year. As we embark upon this new academic year, I look forward to the various opportunities to interact with and serve you. You, as staff, are vital to the overall success of the university. My hope is that by serving, Staff Council can help each staff member thrive in their respective role. We are here to advocate for you by reviewing policies affecting staff as well as to listening to you so that we can represent your interests and serve as your voice.
Staff Council is committed to partnering with administration, faculty and students in building a positive campus culture that embodies the 5-year ISU Strategic plan Values of:
  • Integrity - honesty in our actions and words
  • Community - fostering connections
  • Inclusivity - valuing all and building a culture of belonging
  • Teamwork - collaborating with compassion and respect
  • Shared Responsibility - all contributing to our success
  • Learning - continuous growth and development
To make sure your voice is heard, please feel free to reach out to me or any your Staff Council Representatives. As well, please join us this year at the various events and activities sponsored by Staff Council in your behalf.

Thank you so much for all that you do for Idaho State University. Please let us as Staff Council know what we can do for you.

Lisa Wise

President, Staff Council 22-23 

Staff Council meetings are run by Robert's Rules of Order and governed by bylaws written in 2010 after COPE and CEC combined as one unit. The bylaws have been modified and we are currently using the 2018 version.

The Bylaws Committee role is to keep the bylaws and legislative regulation for staff council current and updated.

Staff Council Representative: Dustin PerryLisa WiseLindsey Solomon

Staff Council Bylaws