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Professional Development and Training

Staff Council awards funding to classified and non-classified staff for professional development and training opportunities. The award can be used to pay for workshops, conferences, non-ISU classes, or training, including travel expenses. To apply, you must be a full-time ISU classified or non-classified staff member who has completed at least six months of service. A strong application will demonstrate the benefit of the opportunity to the employee and ISU and be supported by a supervisor.

 Interested in applying but have questions? You can email any member of the Professional Development Committee for assistance.

Applications are accepted on an ongoing basis with the following funding periods and deadlines:


(Sept. 1 - Dec. 31)


(Jan. 1 - April 30)


(May 1 - Aug. 31)

Deadline to apply: Aug. 1

Deadline to apply: Dec. 1 Deadline to apply: April 1
Awards are considered and judged by the Staff Council Professional Development Committee. The committee administers the application and funding process, provides announcements, and reports to the greater Staff Council body.
Staff Council Representatives on the Professional Development Committee: Megan BaskinsMia BenkensteinAmy BullErik Talbert, and Dan Woerner.

Summer 2024:
  • Sacha Johnson - Instructional Technology Resource Center
  • Jackson Fortune - Treasure Valley Anatomy and Physiology Lab
  • Jamie Howerton - Testing Services
  • Karen Mayhew - ISU Meridian Administration
Spring 2024:
  • Cameron Staley, Psychologist - Counseling and Testing Services
Fall 2023:
  • Chelsie Rauh, Director - Early College Program 
Spring 2023:
  • Amy Dressel, Director of Advancement Communication - University Advancement 
  • Rylee O'Neill, Associate Director - Idaho AHEC Program Office
  • Michele Runyan-Paige, Senior Accountant - Facilities Services
Fall 2022:
  • Jena Lords -- Administrative Assistant-Educational Technology Services (ETS)
  • Ekow Barlow--Interactive Video Conferencing Classroom Specialist, (IVCCS), ETS
Spring 2022:
  • Bea Valencia -- Graduate Pathway Specialist 
  • Tracy Collum -- Associate Dean of the Graduate School
  • Debra Brower -- IT Operations and Support Analyst 
  • Mohammed Alqurashi -- Hazardous Waste Specialist
  • Sandy Andrade -- Application Analyst   
Fall 2021:
  • Danny Sullivan -- Information Technology Supervisor (ISU Meridian Health Science Center)
Spring 2021: 
  • Lee Ann Waldron--Senior Director of Divisional Marketing and Communications
  • Teresa Warren--Head of Interlibrary Loans
  • Anna Siddoway--Graduate Pathway Specialist
  • Marci Oncale--Administrative Assistant II, New Student Programs
Fall 2019:
  • Moses Collier, Facilities Services
  • Caitlin Quiroz, Disability Services
  • Daphne Tseng, Instructional Tech Resource Center
Spring 2019:
  • Karen Ludwig, Center for New Directions
  • Cody Sparrow, Athletics-General Counsel
Fall 2018:
  • Matthew Ashton, Counseling and Testing
  • Virginia Barnett, College of Arts and Letters
  • Melissa Bernier, Sociology, Social Work, and Criminal Justice
  • Abbey Hirt, School of Nursing
  • Jennifer Miesch, Counseling and Testing
  • Soni Myers, Disability Services/UCTS
  • Thomas Putnam, College of Technology
  • Kristin Yates, Counseling and Testing
Spring 2018:
  • A. Khalil Azizi, International Programs Office
  • Jamie Howerton, Counseling and Testing
  • Robin Nelson, Counseling and Testing
Fall 2017:
  • Chelsie Rauh, Early College Program
  • Marianne Cowgill, Idaho Accelerator Center
Spring 2017:
  • Michelle Munoz, Student Services
  • Tracy Collum, Graduate School
  • Emily Baergen, Biological Sciences
  • Nitin Srivastava, International Programs Office
Fall 2016:
  • Cameron Staley, Counseling and Testing
  • Jamie Howerton, Counseling and Testing
  • Marianne Cowgill, Idaho Accelerator Center
  • Mark Stuckey, Facilities Services
Spring 2016:
  • Tracy Collum, Graduate School
  • Kristen Yates, Counseling and Testing Center
  • Jennifer Miesch, Counseling and Testing Center
  • Janna Graham, Student Success Center
Fall 2015:
  • Jody Finnegan, Financial Aid and Scholarships Office
  • Jamie Howerton, Counseling and Testing Center
  • Jennifer Parrott, Environmental and Safety Manager
Fall 2013:
  • Jacqueline Baergen, Central Academic Advising
  • Erin O'Leary-Jepsen, Molecular Research Core Facility
  • Janet Bala, Idaho Museum of Natural History
  • Amber Tews, Idaho Museum of Natural History
Spring 2013:
  • Jody Finnegan, Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships
  • Elaine Foster, College of Education
  • Sarah Hook, Facilities Services
Fall 2012:
  • Julie Thomspon, Counseling & Testing
  • Austin Carter, Purchasing Services
Summer 2012:
  • Sandra Shea, Office of Research
  • Jodi Stuart, College of Technology
  • Carey Jennings, Financial Aid Office
  • Dawn Christiansen, Central Academic Advising


The Staff Council scholarships for dependent children of classified and non-classified employees are funded by employee donations. Currently we are seeking donations for the non-classified scholarship (goal of $10,000) so that both scholarships can be fully funded. You can donate either by following the payroll deduction link at the bottom of the screen or by sending a check to the ISU Foundation. Please make sure it is clear on the form which scholarship you will be donating to!

The net income from the Fund shall be used to provide one or more annual awards to students who are dependent children of current Idaho State University classified or non-classified employees (equal awards for each classification). Recipients must be enrolled as full–time students or full–time incoming freshmen and have a minimum GPA of 2.5. Each applicant must submit a written statement addressing educational and career goals. Preference shall be given to applicants with demonstrated financial need. Awards shall be distributed for the academic fall semester.

The Director of Scholarships shall appoint a small selection committee to determine the recipient, amount, and timing of the award. The President of the Staff Council, or designee, shall serve on the selection committee.

The Scholarship Committee is an internal committee that judges child scholarships, keeps the committee informed of amount of scholarship and works with the foundation to earn money for the scholarship.

Staff Council Representatives on Scholarship Committee:

Ann Medinger, Mary Guyton, Carolin Glendenning, Soni Myers and Chanel Quir

Payroll Deduction Authorization Form

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