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Staff Council Representatives

What are Staff Council Zones?

The introduction of the Staff Council communication zones is new. The purpose of the zones is to break the campus down into manageable areas that allow Staff Council members to work more effectively and communicate with ISU staff. The zones also allow Staff Council members to learn about areas outside of those they are familiar with, understand the campus better, discover additional communication streams, and develop new relationships. If you are located on the Pocatello main campus, we encourage you to use this map and reach out to your Staff Council zone liaison to learn more. Below is more information about Staff Council representatives located outside of Pocatello. 

Pocatello Staff Council Representatives Zones and Map

Anchorage- Erik Talbert

Caldwell- Erik Talbert

Idaho Falls- Carolin Glendenning-Bowman

Merdian- Marci Miller

Twin Falls- Marty Vizcarra

*Staff Council zones do not interfere with elections. All staff can apply for open Staff Council seats.

 Staff Council Mapping Tool Screenshot

ISU Staff Council Representatives

Executive Committee

Jessy Sears headshot

Jessy Sears

President (2025)

Office: Public Safety - Director of Emergency Management, Stop 8140

(208) 282-2426


Jena Lords Headshot

Jena Lords

President Elect (2026)

Office: ETS - Administrative Assistant, Stop 2595

(208) 282-2595


Lisa Wise

Past President (2024)

Office: University Business Officer, Stop 8137

(208) 282-2694


Theresa Capasso headshot

Theresa Capasso

Council Treasurer (2024)

Office: ISU Foundation - Accounting Manager, Stop 8050

(208) 282-3956


Amy Dressel  headshot

Amy Dressel

Content Management Systems Officer (2024)

Office: University Advancement - Director of Advancement Communications, Stop 8033

(208) 282-6656


Jamie Howerton

Jamie Howerton

Secretary (2025)

Office: Counseling & Testing - Testing Coordinator, Stop 8027

(208) 282-2130


Veronica Garcia

Member at Large - Classified (2025) Content Management Systems Officer (2024)

Office: College of Education - AA1, Stop 8081

(208) 282-3906


Mia Benkenstein

Member at Large - Classified (2025)

Office: Office for Research, ACF 8007

(208) 282-3895


Marci Miller

Member at Large - Non-Classified (2026)

Office: Meridian Health Science Center - Testing Coordinator, Meridian

(208) 373-1815


Marty Vizcarra

Marty Vizcarra

Member at Large - Non-Classified (2026)

Office: Facilities - Project Manager

(208) 282-4710


Staff Council Members

Megan Baskins headshot

 Megan Baskins

Council Member (2025)

Office: Finance and Business Affairs - Senior Budget and Planning Analyst, Stop 8219

(208) 282-3949


Amy Bull

Council Member (2025)

Office: Communication Sciences & Disorders - AA1, Stop 8116

(208) 282-4196


Jack Bradley

Council Member (2025)

Office: College of Science and Engineering, IT, Stop  8046

(208) 282-5162


Carolin Glendenning-Bowman

Council Member (2024)

Office: Enrollment Management - Office Services Supervisor, Stop 8150

(208) 282-7704


Mary Guyton

Mary Guyton

Council Member (2025)

Office: College of Technology - AA1, Stop 8196

(208) 282-2485


Terra Harris

Council Member (2024)

Office: Office of the Registrar - Tech Rec. 2, Stop 8196

(208) 282-4486


Ann Medinger Headshot

Ann Medinger

Council Member (2025)

Office: CoB/Faculty Senate - AA1, Stop 8068

(208) 282-5218


Soni Myers

Soni Myers

Council Member (2026)

Office: Assoc. Director of Disability Services & Counseling Services, Meridian

(208) 373-1723


Chanel Quirk Headshot

Chanel Quirk

Council Member (2025)

Office: Office of the Registrar  - Senior Transcript Evaluator, Stop 8196 

(208) 282-4069


Dan Woerner

Council Member (2025)

Office: Office of the Registrar - Customer Service Supervisor, Stop 8196

(208) 282-3900


Omar Raudez

Omar Raudez

Council Member (2026)

Office: New Student Orientation Director, Stop 8138

(208) 282-3146


Erik Talbert

Erik Talbert

Erik Talbert (2026)

Office: Interactive video Conferencing Classroom Specialist, Meridian

(208) 373-1927