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Staff Council Representatives

Nominations for Staff Council are Open!

Staff Council is soliciting nominations for ISU staff members from all campuses who would like to be on the ballot for the April 2023 election.  We have 1 vacancy for Classified Staff and 4 vacancies for Non-Classified Staff.  Representatives are elected to a three-year term beginning in May 2023 and ending in May 2026. Duties of representatives include the following: 

  • Attend one monthly Council meeting and committee meetings as needed
  • Provide leadership in the development of university programs, policies and procedures
  • Promote an active role for staff in the University governance structure
  • Make recommendations on behalf of staff in policy matters pertaining to personal and professional welfare
  • Serve on internal and external committees
  • Provide opportunities for professional development for staff
  • Recognize and honor staff members for their service to ISU

If you are interested in a position with Staff Council, please write a short paragraph about yourself, including where you work and why you want to serve on Staff Council. Attach a picture that can be posted on the election site, and email your materials to Deadline for the receipt of nominations is Monday, March 27th. The election will be open April 3rd-7th.  

Classified Staff:

1 vacancy

Non-Classified Staff:

 4 vacancies

Find My Staff Council Representative

Lisa Wise

Council President (2023)

(208) 282-2694

Dustin Perry headshot

Dustin Perry

President Elect (2023)

(208) 282-4613

Lindsey Solomon

Council Past-President (2023)

(208) 282-1379

Mia Benkenstein

Council Member (2025)

(208) 282-3895

Carolin Glendenning-Bowman

Council Secretary (2024)

(208) 282-7704

Deb Brower

Council Member (2023)

(208) 282-2996

Amy Bull

Council Member (2025)

(208) 282-4196

Veronica Garcia

Classified Council Member at Large (2025)

(208) 282-3906

Terra Harris

Council Member (2024)

(208) 282-4486

Jena Lords Headshot

Jena Lords

Classified Council Member at Large (2025)

(208) 282-2595

Ann Medinger Headshot

Ann Medinger

Council Member (2025)

(208) 282-5218

Chanel Quirk Headshot

Chanel Quirk

Council Member (2025)

(208) 282-4069

Dan Woerner

Council Member (2025)

(208) 282-3900

Megan Baskins headshot

 Megan Baskins

Council Member (2025)

(208) 282-3949

Darren Blagburn

Non-Classified Council Member at Large (2025)

(208) 373-1846

Jack Bradley

Council Member (2025)

(208) 282-5162

Theresa Capasso headshot

Theresa Capasso

Council Treasurer (2024)

(208) 282-3956

Aubreanna Crabtree headshot

Aubreanna Crabtree

Content Management System Officer (2023)

(208) 282-4434

Amy Dressel  headshot

Amy Dressel

Content Management Systems Officer (2024)

(208) 282-6656

Jamie Howerton

Non-Classified Council Member at Large (2025)

(208) 282-2130


Council Member (2025)

Sara O'Connor headshot

Sara O'Connor

Council Member (2023)

(208) 282-4478

Jessy Sears headshot

Jessy Sears

Council Member (2025)

(208) 282-2426

Nitin Srivastava headshot

Nitin Srivastava

Council Member (2023)

(208) 282-4465

Marci Miller

Council Member (2025)

(208) 373-1815