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Summer Institute for Piano and Strings (SIPS)

Orchestra at Summer Institute for Piano and Strings

Senior Division: June 16-21, 2024

The ISU Summer Institute for Piano and Strings, Senior Division, is a unique music camp for teenage pianists and string players. Students will have the opportunity to rehearse, coach, and perform chamber music, while also honing their skills as soloists. It is open to intermediate and advanced string players and pianists entering the 8th-12 grades. This camp runs Sunday evening through Friday evening, from 9 a.m.-about 9 p.m., with evening concerts and activities.

Junior Division: June 17-June 21, 2024

The Junior Division is open to pianists and string players entering 4th-7th grades. It runs Monday through Friday mornings from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., and includes techniques classes, string orchestra rehearsals, duets for piano students, art classes and other activities. 



  • Junior Piano/Strings: $150
  • Senior Piano/Strings: $295
  • Senior Piano/Strings with room and board: $505

Registration for SIPS 2024 is now closed!

Pay non-refundable $50 Deposit AND/OR Invoice Online

Questions? You can contact us at: sips@isu.edu OR call 208-282-1423

A typical day includes:       

  • Masterclass
  • Chamber music coaching and rehearsal
  • Orchestra rehearsal         
  • History, theory, or art class
  • Choir
  • Techniques class
  • Outdoor activity         

Cello student rehearsing

Why participate?

  • Take your playing to the next level
  • Improve performance skills
  • Learn history, literature and theory
  • Make new friends
  • Experience sectional coaching
  • Play in master classes
  • Explore new piano literature
  • Experience ensemble coaching
  • Try new practice techniques
  • Enhance skills in chamber groups
  • Large group games
  • Learn how to use your body efficiently as a musician
  • Build confidence in team building activities
  • Delve into new string techniques and methods