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Frequently Asked Questions

Do we accept foreign medical graduates?

You have to have graduated from a medical school that is licensable in the state of Idaho. Check with your medical school or the Idaho Board of Medicine to determine this information.


Do we sponsor Visas?

It is very unlikely that we would be able to sponsor visas. Most of the foreign medical graduates in this program have permanent U.S. resident status or green cards.


Is there a minimum score requirement?

It is difficult to get an Idaho medical license if you have failed any exam twice. However, any passing score is acceptable.


Is there a limit to how much time can elapse after graduating from their medical school before applying to our residency? How many years out of medical school will we look at an applicant?

We would prefer you to have been in medical school within two years of your application date. We would like to see that you have been engaged in pursuits that are related to medical care and practice.


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