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Resident Benefits and Salary

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Idaho State University offers excellent employee benefits and salary given to residents while in training.

•    R1 year - $55,473.00
•    R2 year - $57,678.00
•    R3 year - $60,819.00

•    Medical and dental insurance is offered through Blue Cross of Idaho with plan options to choose from with varying premiums and deductibles.
•    Basic life insurance.
•    For a small premium, term insurance, disability, and vision are offered.
•    A Flexible Spending Account is available to help cover qualified healthcare expenses and day care expenses.
•    $1,000 to help cover moving expenses
•    Three full weeks of vacation
•    For a minimal cost, the university has the following facilities available: movie theater, bowling alley, gym, swimming pool, and craft shop.
•    Countless university activities throughout the year can be attended for a small fee.
Professional Benefits
There are approved expenses that residents can use their CME money to cover. Examples include:
•    USMLE or Comlex step 3 exam
•    USMLE/Comlex transcript
•    Idaho State Board of Medicine license application
•    Idaho State Board of Medicine license pro-rated fee
•    DEA license
•    Controlled Substance license

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