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Rexburg Rural Training Track


The idea of the family doctor who treats the entire family - from prenatal care, to delivery, to school immunizations, and all the way through to nursing home care, home visits, and hospice - is certainly not dead and is in greater need now than ever before. For those for whom being a rural family doctor is the dream, training at a rural site allows them to become embedded in a rural community, to engage in continuity across care sites, to become familiar with the limited resources inherent in smaller communities, while also learning to work within a truly multidisciplinary team to provide the best possible patient care. Rural practice is the epitome of full-spectrum family practice. 


The ISU-MMH Family Medicine Rural Training Track is an innovative and quality-focused residency which identifies and addresses the needs of the rural community and aligns these with the needs of the learners across the continuum of care.

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