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Public Health Student Association (PHSA)

PHSA students gathered together

PHS students around a table

What do we do?

Our mission is to promote public health education, awareness, and activities at ISU. Since the early 2000s, we have organized undergraduate and graduate students in professional interdisciplinary practice: Public Health, Health Education, Nursing, HPSS, etc. and provided extracurricular opportunities for networking, public service, and educational enhancement. While PHSA is focused primarily on public health and health education, our club is open to all Idaho State University students interested in health promotion and public health!

How do we do it?

Through general meetings, club events and activities, and public outreach, PHSA has made a significant positive impact while providing members with opportunities to practice the NCHEC Health Education Specialist Practice Analysis (HESPA) Competencies and Sub-competencies, strengthening academic learning and gaining real-world experience. We have participated in several different events on campus and gotten involved in a variety of ways. Examples include: participating in the ISU Homecoming parade, hosting documentary screenings, CPR certification courses, organizing blood drives, participating in various health fairs, CommUniversity, and the ISU Gender Resource Center Positive Body Image Symposium, planning the ISU campus clean-up competition, and completing a service project donating artificial Christmas trees decorated with health-enhancing items and delivered to area agencies serving those in need.

PHSA parade float

PHSA blenket drive poster

Why You Should Join Us!

Resume Advantage!

Club membership indicates additional commitment to your profession. Listing it on your resume gives you distinction, making you “stand out” from others. This is especially true for those who hold leadership positions.


You really do have opportunities to network with ISU alums in public health and others from whom you can learn about professional practice, as well as make great connections for the future. Attending conferences helps network and keep you up to date on state and national affairs.

Increased Knowledge about Current Issues and Practices!

Become conversant beyond the classroom.

Attend State and National Conferences with Support from the Association, ASISU, and the Community! 

Expand your horizons!

Current Officers



Jones Asiegbu

Vice President

Lexy Packer


Kylie Scott


Olivia Burnside

Recruitment Specialist

Olivia House

Public Relations

Erin Gilburt

Faculty Advisor

Kristin Van De Griend, PhD, MPH



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