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Addiction Studies Academic Certificate

The Addiction Studies Certificate is a 25-credit academic certificate for those in health professions and beyond to understand addiction and how to help individuals and communities who are impacted by addiction. Coursework includes Harmful and Illicit Substances, Ethics, Chemical Dependency and the Family, Basic Counseling Skills, Case Management, Assessments for Substance Abuse Counselors, Group Skills, and more. Upon completion of this academic certificate, and coupled with 300 internship hours, students are eligible to become Substance Use Disorders Associate (SUDA) certified by The Idaho Board of Alcohol/Drug Counselor Certification (IBADCC). Upon completion of the Addiction Studies Certificate, paired with a 300-hour internship and a Bachelor's degree, students are eligible for the Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC) certification through IBADCC. Additionally , the knowledge and skills learned through taking the Certificate will provide competency in addressing addiction-related issues for anybody working in the helping professions.



Course List
CPH 4450 Introduction to Addictions 3
CPH 4451 Basic Addiction Treatment Skills 3
CPH 4452 Harmful and Illicit Substances 3
CPH 4453 Blood Borne Illness 1
CPH 4454 Addiction within Family Systems 3
CPH 4455 Screening and Assessment of Substance Abuse 3
CPH 4456 Case Management of Substance Abuse 3
CPH 4457 Ethics for Addiction Counselors 3
CPH 4458 Group Skills for Addiction Counselors 3
Total Credits 25


Ryan Lindsay

Community and Public Health


(208) 373-1779

Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC) Program


The CADC program is a cooperative effort between the ISU Health Education program and Idaho Department of Health and Welfare. The CADC program offers substance abuse specific education within the performance domains of assessment, counseling, case management, client education, and professional responsibility. Courses are offered in the areas of:

  • Recognizing and Assessing, Treating, and Understanding Addictions
  • Case Management
  • Specific Substance and Abuse Related Courses
  • Professional Ethics and Issues
  • Epidemiology courses including Sexually Transmitted Diseases, Bloodborne Pathogens, etc.
  • Theory and Counseling Coursework
  • Screening and Assessment Protocol

Certified Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC) Certification Criteria

Eligibility for the CADC through the Idaho Board of Alcohol and Drug Counselor Certification (IBADCC) includes the course work for the Idaho Student of Addiction Studies (ISAS) and documentation of three (3) years of work experience working directly with substance abusing clients. Additional CADC certification eligibility criteria is available on the IBADCC CADC website.

Idaho Student of Addiction Studies (ISAS) Certification Criteria

The Idaho Student of Addiction Studies (ISAS) Certification is granted for entry-Level chemical dependency counseling within the State of Idaho. It signifies that they have a certain amount of alcohol and drug education and are in training. The IBADCC, a member of the International Certification Reciprocity Consortium, developed this certification to give trainees some recognition while they are working towards their CADC Certification. Additional information about ISAS Certification criteria is available on the IBDACC website.

Students with a passing grade in the following HE courses may be eligible for the ISAS Certification:

  • HE 2230 - Introduction to Addictions (3cr)
  • HE 2232 - Helping Theories (3cr)
  • HE 2233 - Harmful and Illicit Substances (3cr)
  • HE 2234 - Blood Borne Illness (1cr)
  • HE 2235 - Chemical Dependency and the Family (3cr)
  • HE 3310 - Screening and Assessment of Substance Abuse (3cr)
  • HE 3311 - Case Management of Substance Abuse (3cr)
  • HE 3312 - Ethics for the Addictions Counselor (3cr)
  • HE 3314 - Group Skills for Addiction Counselors (3cr)

Please visit the ISU class schedule for information about current semester CADC HE course availability.

For clarification and/or additional questions concerning the CADC Program at Idaho State University, please contact Cindy Hansen at (208) 251-1787, or call the HE program at (208) 282-2729.


Cindy Hansen, M.A., ACADC, CCS

Shantal Laulu, LCPC, CADC

Matthew Andersen, LCPC


IBADCC.org website

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