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Idaho State University

Human Resource Development

ORganizational learning students in class discussion

Preparing professional educators for leadership, development, and performance improvement in organizations.

Become a leader or manager of an agency, business, or, industry, and other organizational contexts. The M.S. in Human Resource Development (HRD) prepares organizational learning and performance professionals with high-demand management expertise in the human resource development discipline principles and practices of learning and development, performance improvement, strategic planning, and leadership.

The curriculum of this 30-credit master's degree is delivered fully online and can be completed in 18-24 months. The project-based coursework and research component address workplace problems with innovative, evidence-based HRD solutions.

For people teaching in Career and Technical Education fields, the M.S. HRD-CTE emphasis supports educators teaching industry trades and professions. This 30-credit master's degree is delivered fully online and can be completed in 18-24 months. 

The M.S. HRD is a Western Regional Graduate Program (WRGP) eligible for in-state tuition for member states. Are you eligible for WRGP reduced tuition? 

Graduation Requirements:

  • Human Resource Development Core (12 credits)
    • OLP 6601 - HRD Literature for the Practitioner-Scholar (3)
    • OLP 6602 - Principles of HRD (3)
    • OLP 6621 - Theories of Adult Learning (3)
    • OLP 6661 - Performance Improvement (3)
  • HRD Electives (12 credits)
    • Advisor Approved Electives (12)
  • HRD-CTE Electives, for CTE Emphasis (12 credits)
    • CTE 5501 - Foundations of CTE (3)
    • CTE 5502 - Analysis and Course Construction in CTE (3)
    • CTE 5503 - Methods of Teaching in CTE (3)
    • CTE 5504 - Evaluation in CTE (3)
  • Research Studies (6-12 credits)
    • Option 1: Thesis (9-12 credits; total degree 33 credit minimum)
    • Option 2: Field Research Project (6 credits; total degree 30 credit minimum)
    • Option 3: Capstone (7 credits; total degree 31 credit minimum)

Career Opportunities:

Training & Development Specialist/Director


Organizational Leader/Executive

Trainer/Learning Specialist


Organizational Development professional

Facility Manager

Community Relations Coordinator/Manager

Organizational Effectiveness professional

Retail Management