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Workplace Training and Leadership

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Preparing professional educators for leadership, development, and performance improvement in organizations.

Become a leader or manager in an agency, business, or industry, and other organizational contexts. The fully online B.S. in Workplace Training and Leadership (WTL) prepares you to diagnose individual and organizational needs; to design, implement, and evaluate learning development; and change strategies to improve performance. The B.S. WTL has an emphasis in Career and Technical Education for CTE educators teaching industry trades and professions.

Competency-Based Equivalency Portfolio Option: Students who have at least 10,000 hours of work experience can qualify for a CBE-Portfolio, which will award 24 elective credits. These credits can only be applied to a bachelor's degree in Workplace Training and Leadership. There are no extra fees applied for completing this portfolio. Contact an advisor for more information.

Bachelor's of Science in Workplace Training and Leadership

Application Process & Requirements:

Graduation Requirements:

Career Opportunities:

Minors & Certificates

Minor in Workplace Training and Leadership

Baccalaureate Certificate in Organizational Leadership

Certificate in Career and Technical Education

Certificate in Training and Development