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Organizational Learning and Performance Advising

Advising in the Organizational Learning and Performance (OLP) Department is conducted by the advisors within each program.  Please contact your advisor every semester for degree planning. To schedule an appointment, please email your advisor listed below. If you do not yet have an advisor, please email our department at olp@isu.edu for assistance.

Undergraduate Program Advisors

Business Education, BS

Family and Consumer Sciences, BS

Workplace Training and Leadership, BS

Workplace Training & Leadership Major Academic Plan (MAP)

WTL MAP 2018-2019

WTL-CTE MAP 2018-2019 


Workplace Training & Leadership Program Planning Sheet

B.S. WTL Program Planning Sheet 2019-2020 (Word)

B.S. WTL Program Planning Sheet 2019-2020 (PDF)

B.S. WTL-CTE Program Planning Sheet 2019-2020 (Word)

B.S. WTL-CTE Program Planning Sheet 2019-2020 (PDF)


Workplace Training & Leadership Competency-Based Experienced Portfolio (CBE)

Competency-Based Experienced Portfolio Application


Workplace Training & Leadership Course Completion Contract, Directed Study Proposal, and Practicum Contract

WTL Course Completion Contract Form

Directed Study Proposal Project Overview for OLP 4461/5561/6680

Directed Study Proposal Form

Practicum Contract for OLP 4465/4467/6635

Graduate Program Advisors

Instructional Design and Technology, MEd, EdD, PhD

Human Resource Development, MS

M.Ed. ID&T Plan of Study (POS)

M.Ed. ID&T Program of Study 2017-2018