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ISU Children's Chorus

We are very excited to share information with you about the ISU Children’s Chorus! Parents of our current students will be able to access and utilize this website to stay informed about the choir.

The Children’s Chorus is always looking for strong young singers who need an outlet to develop their musical talents and experience the joy of singing and performing in a choir. Parents interested in finding out more about our organization should take a look at the information posted here to see if this choir might be a good fit for your child.

The ISU Children’s Chorus is a program that will help your child grow musically in many ways such as basic music theory foundations, rhythm recognition and function, expression and movement, and especially singing, which includes voice technique and the value of performance itself! 

The chorus is co-directed by Becky Moore and Sarah Davids. Accompanist for the choir is Julie Taylor. Melody Stinger serves as assistant to the chorus.

The Idaho State University Children’s Chorus is located in Pocatello, Idaho and is sponsored by the ISU Music Department. The choir has been a strong community gem since 1987.

Dear Parent,

Thank you for your interest in the ISU Children's Chorus! We are excited about the potential of having your child in our choir! We've listed general choir information, as well as criteria below and would appreciate if you would read the information first to make sure this is a good fit for your child. Then, after reading the information, e-mail Becky Moore and we can set up/confirm an audition time. Thank you again for your interest and we look forward to hearing from you soon!

Becky Moore & Sarah Davids

Auditions are held on the ISU campus in the Fine Arts Building. We will hold the auditions in the Choir Room which is Room 110.


Answers to questions people ask who are mildly interested:

  • The choir is sponsored by the Idaho State University Music Department.
  • It is a one of a kind choir with a history of quality choral training for over 25 years!
  • Children in the 3rd through 8th grade are eligible to audition.
  • Rehearsals coincide with ISU's semester schedule and take place on Wednesdays from 4:00-5:30 P.M. in the Choir Room in the Fine Arts Building on the ISU campus.
  • Students must pay a $120 tuition with an additional $10 Activity fee per semester.
  • Students must purchase their own uniform (approx. $65 for girls and $45 for boys.)
  • The chorus is co-directed by Becky Moore & Sarah Davids. Both are experienced and certified music teachers with degrees in Music Education from Idaho State University.


Answers to questions for people who are seriously interested:

  • Students who audition should love to sing and be able to match pitch on a consistent basis.
  • Rehearsals run for one and a half hours. There are extended rehearsals of 2 hours just prior to a final concert season. If your child cannot or will not be able to sit through that length of time, consider waiting another year before auditioning.
  • A strong criteria used is if students are currently taking private piano or other instrumental lessons.
  • If your child has not taken any private lessons, signing up for piano lessons for one year prior or during the choir year are advised.
  • Students auditioning should prepare a song to be sung with or without accompaniment. (An accompaniment is preferred.) CD accompaniment is fine or you may bring your own accompanist.
  • Audition times are 15 minutes long.
  • If accepted in the choir, practicing at home is required. Students are required to practice at least 4 days a week for a minimum of 15 minutes each day.
  • Students are expected to attend all rehearsals and all performances. If a child is ill and a call has been received by a director, the absence is excused. Students are allowed 3 EXCUSED ABSENCES. After a 2nd UNEXCUSED ABSENCE (no notification before or after the rehearsal), the student can be removed from the chorus.

The Idaho State Children's Chorus is self-supporting. While every effort is made to keep membership fees to a minimum and to find other forms of financial support, tuition is necessary to keep the group going. Tuition covers use of folders and music, salaries, incentives, office supplies and copying and mailing information pertaining to the chorus.

Tuition: $120.00 per student per semester

Families with more than one member in the Children's Chorus must pay the $120 for the 1 st child and will receive a $25 discount for the 2nd child and a $50 discount for each additional child.

Activity Fee: An additional $15.00 will be collected at the beginning of each semester to cover the cost of most items at group activities and parties.

Two separate checks or cash installments are necessary. Tuition payment should be made payable to "ISU Children's Chorus." Activity Fees are preferably paid in cash and if a check needs to be written please make it payable to "Julie Taylor."

All fees are due at the first rehearsal of the semester. If hardship occurs, please contact one of the directors. We do not want anyone to drop the choir because of money issues. We will be more than happy to make some sort of arrangement for you.

In addition to tuition fees, it is required that each member purchase a full uniform to be worn for all Children's Chorus performances. Descriptions are listed below. 

Girls wear a black, velvet dress with tan colored tights or pantyhose and uniform black dress shoes. The price of the dress is $49 + tax, S&H. A specific shoe will be chosen and information will be forthcoming. The girls also wear a matching pearl necklace to finish off the uniform. Our wardrobe mom will give you the information about which shoes and necklace to go purchase. 

Boys wear black dress slacks, black vest, black tie, black shoes and black socks as well as white dress shirt. (A black belt is optional and is dependent on whether the vest covers the waist or not.) All can be ordered from Formal Fashions except shoes and socks which should be purchased on your own. The total package is $55.90 + tax, S& H. Items may be purchased separately if boys already own black slacks or tie. However, items must meet the “uniform” requirement. (Slacks and tie should be as close as possible to style in catalog without a lot of fading; shoes should be preferably patent leather with as little wear as possible.) 

How to purchase:

A time will be scheduled at the beginning of the semester in order to take measurements and/or try on uniforms for sizes. Payment for new uniforms is usually expected approximately a month into the semester.

There may be used uniforms for sale as well. Information about available sizes will be forthcoming.

Shoes, socks/pantyhose, and jewelry. We have a parent who crafts jewelry and will be making necklaces for those newcomers and those returning who need replacements. We are also looking at a matching bracelet. That information will be forthcoming. Very small studded earrings are allowed such as a pearl. No dangling earrings or other jewelry. Girls’ hair should be pulled back in a “Half pontytail & hair accessories kept to a minimum. No perfume or cologne during rehearsals and performances.

The ISU Children's Chorus was founded in 1987 by Kay Paulson. The purpose of the group was and still is to introduce young singers to the art of choral singing with an emphasis on music education and quality choral literature.

The past choral directors for the chorus are listed in chronological order:

Kay Paulson

Lynn Brinckmeyer

Becky Moore

Debra Larkin

Bruce Bowman

Mary Ann Moser

Ann Bringhurst

Jana Saunders

Present co-directors are:

Becky Moore

Sarah Davids

Becky and Sarah are a mother/daughter teaching team. Both are graduates of Idaho State University with Music Education Degrees.

As a child, Sarah was a member of the ISU Children's Chorus, under the direction of Kay Paulson, Lynn Brinckmeyer, and her mother, Becky. Sarah participated in Junior High and High School select choirs and was chosen for the Idaho All-State and All North-West choirs. After graduating from ISU in 2003with her music degree, she married and moved to Yakima, Washington and taught Junior High and High School choir as well as private voice lessons. She and her family moved back to Pocatello in 2008. She has continued to teach private voice and began co-directing the ISU Children's Chorus in the Fall of 2009. She and her husband have three young boys.

Becky graduated as "Outstanding Vocalist" from ISU in 1988 with her Music Education degree. She taught Junior High and High School choir and private voice for the past 22 years. She retired from teaching in the public school system in 2009 and with her daughter Sarah, began directing the ISU Children's Chorus soon after. Becky and her husband, Gary, have three sons, 6 grandsons, and one grand-daughter. She and her husband Will have three young boys with a little girl due very soon. 

Becky graduated as “Outstanding Vocalist” from ISU in 1988 with her Music Education degree. During the past 35 years she has taught music in the middle schools, junior highs and high schools (21 years.) ,She directed the ISU Children’s Chorus in the early nineties (3 years) and directed her church’s children’s choir (7 years,) directed the adult choir ( ten years,) as well as private voice (35 years.) She directed the music for several community musicals and has performed with ISU’s Camerata Singers off and on for 21 years. She retired from teaching in the public school system in 2009. At that time she decided to return to the ISU Children’s Chorus along with her daughter Sarah. They are now entering their 5th year as Co-Directors!

Becky and her husband, Gary, have three sons and one daughter, ten grand-children with another on the way!