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Tips for Success

Here is a list of tips and tricks that can help students prepare to become competitive applicants in applying to graduate health profession programs like medical school, dental school, or other health related programs. If you have any questions, please reach out to our office!

Communication and Relationships

Communicate with your advisor

Your advisor is here to help support you! We recommend meeting with your advisor at least once a semester. 

Foster Meaningful Relationships 

Whether for letters of recommendation, support, or mentorship, meaningful connections with professors and professionals are critical to success. 

Connection with Your Peers

Having support from like-minded peers can offer support in many different ways. These connections are invaluable in your academic and professional journey.

Get Involved!

Gain Experience

Involvement in your campus and community helps you to stand out as a potential applicant, build your skill sets, and prepare you for the future!

Club Involvement

Club involvement provides you with opportunities to connect with like-minded students, access resources, and more! 

Interview Preparation

Interviews are the perfect opportunity to showcase yourself during an application process. The Career Center on campus offers mock interviews and feedback!

Find Meaning

Reflect on Your Choices Often

By reflecting on your interests, motivations, and passions often, you can ensure that you are putting your time and effort towards something you find fulfilling and enjoyable.

Personal Statement

A powerful and meaningful personal statement will help set you apart from other applicants. Show why you deserve a spot in the program! Take advantage of the Writing Center on campus.

Skills Beyond Academia

Building a well-rounded set of skills including teamwork, communication, organization, time-management, resilience, ethical and cultural competence, etc. is critical for your overall success.

Academic Success


Ensuring that you are completing the correct prerequisites for your program of interest is critical to gaining acceptance into any program! Prerequisites can vary by program, so make sure to check with each program to create a comprehensive list. 

Maintain a High GPA

Most health profession programs require a competitive GPA for consideration as an applicant. They may look at both your overall and science GPA. Struggling with coursework? Check out the Tutoring Center!

Admissions Test

Admissions tests are one way that programs evaluate you as a potential applicant. Take the time you need to study, and make a plan for if you have to retake the test! Check out our Test Prep Page!

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