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Tennis Center

Benny Playing Tennis

Indoor Track

The indoor track that runs around the Tennis Center is two lanes wide, with 7.5 laps per mile.

The Tennis Center in the Student Recreation Center includes 4 indoor courts, 2 outdoor courts, 3 racquetball courts, and two racquetball courts devoted to strength training.

Indoor tennis court reservations can be made online! 

We have racquets, balls, and goggles available for checkout at the front desk, as well as a selection available for purchase in our pro shop.

Tennis Court Availability

Tennis Center Court Rules                    

Tennis Court Reservations

  1. Make court reservations online using CourtReserve.com. 
  2. Only ISU students and members with active Bengal IDs or Rec Cards may make advanced court reservations at this time.  Day fee and punch pass users may not make advanced reservations for court space.
  3. Students may reserve a court 3 days in advance and members may reserve courts up to 2 days in advance. 
  4. Court reservations are limited to two hours per day.  
  5. Although you can only book up to 2 days in advance, you can view the Courts Schedule up to 5 days in advance to see any events that may already be planned on the courts prior to the booking window opening.
  6. Reservations should be canceled at least 8 hours prior to the reservation. The system will be tracking the number of cancellations made by each member within the 8-hour window and consistent abusers will be addressed. It is only courteous to cancel your reservation and free up your court as early as possible if you will not be using it.
  7. You may sign up for a court at the time of play.  If you drop-in to play on a vacant court without reserving the space upon arrival, you risk losing the court to someone who comes in after you but does reserve the space.  The booked reservation determines who has the right to play on the court.
  8. If a reservation arrives more than 10 minutes late, that court can be used/reserved by another player.  Time shall be determined by the Front Desk’s computer clock.
  9. Members who repeatedly no-show for their reservation may be assessed cancellation fees.

Other Policies

  1. Only non-marking athletic shoes are allowed on all courts.
  2. Only six (6) balls on each tennis court--with an exception for play on Court #1 with the nets closed.  
  3. Tennis ball machines may only be allowed for PE classes and athletic practices.
  4. Water should be kept in resealable containers.
  5. Only racquetball, handball, squash, or wallyball may be played in racquetball courts.
  6. Lensed protective eyewear is mandatory in racquetball courts.  Eyewear is available for checkout.

Tennis Court Reservations

ISU now has online court reservations for ISU Students and Members!


If you are a student and would like to use CourtReserve, please sign-up at www.courtreserve.com. This form is only for current students of Idaho State University and you must have an active Bengal ID. After you are approved, you will then be able to see the schedule for all the courts and reserve a specific open court for a specific day and time. 


Members who would like to use the new system, please email Campus Recreation, camprec@isu.edu, and we will send you a welcome email that will allow you to log into your account online.

If you are a current member or student unable to take advantage of online reservations, you may come into the gym for assistance making reservations in person.


Punch Card & Day Pass patrons are not eligible to make online court reservations, but you can check court availability on our website.

See you on the courts! 

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