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"Wall Gym" Closed for HVAC Project

Student Rec Center Room 292 ("Wall Gym") will be closed April 1-June 16, 2024.  The climbing wall and adjacent court spaces will be completely closed to activities during these dates.  Drop-in basketball remains available in the Tennis Center’s ¾ court whenever the space is available.  Indoor climbing resumes August 19, 2024.

Climbing Wall

Benny Climbing

Our climbing wall has 5,500 square feet of climbable space making it the most expansive wall in the region and one of the largest at any university. The wall was built in 1999 and designed by Scott Vail of Nampa, Idaho.  

Link to the Climbing Wall Assumption of Risk

If you would like to know more about scheduling a group, review the GROUP CLIMB INFORMATION below.

Indoor Open Climb 

Due to the HVAC installation project, the wall will be closed April 1 through the summer.  

The wall will be open for the fall term starting August 19, 2024.  

ISU’s Outdoor Adventure Center sponsors outdoor climbing on Thursday evenings at Ross Park starting April 11, weather permitting.  Visit isu.edu/outdoor (under TRIPS) for more information.

Due to upcoming maintenance projects in the Student Rec Center's "Wall Gym" courts, we are not accepting Group Climbing requests until August 2024.  

We may be able to accommodate ISU clubs or classes.  Contact Brenna Miller at brennamiller@isu.edu for more information.


We stress (and cannot stress enough) Wall staff are unable to accommodate groups during Open Climb hours. If a group drops in, they will be turned away.

What constitutes a “group”? Can I bring a couple kids to climb?
The Wall staff's ability to accommodate any climber depends on how busy the wall is and the experience-level of participants. For example, three kids and one adult would be allowed to use the Wall during Open Climb under the following conditions:

  • The adult would need to be belay certified prior to arriving.
  • All children must be actively supervised and within arms’ reach as it is extremely unsafe for them to run amok.
  • Everyone who enters the facility will need to be a member or purchase a day pass fee.  We do not have guest passes or spectator rates.
  • Minors under the age of 16 may not belay.
  • Minor participants must have the Climbing Wall Assumption of Risk signed by their parent or legal guardian.

  • 125 feet wide by 35 feet high with 5,500 square feet of climbable space

  • 25-foot horizontal roof overhang

  • 20,000 feet (4 miles) of metal tubing make up the interior frame

  • 19 top-rope stations with 45+ routes

  • 17 lead climbing stations

  • Bouldering area with 25+ problems

  • 2 TrueBlue Auto-Belays

Children under age 8 are not permitted to climb and must remain in the non-climbing area under active adult supervision.  Babies in carriers are not permitted into the climbing area.   

The “climbing area” includes the belay and mat areas between the wall’s check-in desk at half court and the wall itself.  See image below.  

For any minor to climb, we require an Assumption of Risk to be signed by the participant and the child’s parent or legal guardian. Phone calls, handwritten permission slips, or guardian-for-the-day does not suffice for an Assumption of Risk signature.

For children ages 8 to 15 to participate in open climb, a 1:1 ratio–one adult participant for each child participant–is required.

Picture of south court with no climbing area marked